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Poetic words bring tears in New Zealand mosque shooting case


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The brain of this psychopath is not yet receptive to "poetic words". Perhaps one day if he can recover a degree of sanity, the full weight of the enormity he committed may awaken him to the power of words to heal the heart and show him the way to the love he never found.

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A statement from the father of the youngest victim, 3-year-old Mucaad Ibrahim, was also read to the court.

The boy's father said his son loved playing in the mosque and made friends with all the worshippers, young and old. Mucaad loved to run around at home and dress up as a police officer, his father said, and they wondered if he would one day join the force.

“Your atrocity and hatred did not turn out the way you expected,” the father said in the statement. “Instead, it has united our Christchurch community, strengthened our faith, raised the honor of our families, and brought our peaceful nation together.”

Brenton Harrison Tarrant reply is seated, a nondescript self-enforced emotional vacuum.

Brenton Harrison Tarrant victims’ families line up, clearly in a despairing state of emotional and psychological traumatisation in vain hope of some release.

In reality a relentless stress, seemly without end.

So instead of attempting to reach into the mind of a pigeon-holed white supremacist afforded a moment, a global platform of unprecedented notoriety. Brenton Harrison Tarrant executed innocence pleading for their lives.

SO who is Brenton Harrison Tarrant?

A question that still hasn’t been fully answered.

New Zealand mosque shooter acted alone but may have had support, police say

New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush said at a news conference that "We believe absolutely there was only one attacker responsible for this."

But he added that the support of other people hasn't been ruled out and is "a very, very important part of our investigation." 2019.....


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Four day sentencing hearing? Couldn't this be done in an afternoon

Perhaps had you lost someone very close to you, you may have also wanted to confront the killer in court and say your piece.  So if it takes four or forty days for the relatives, the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, brother and sisters and friends of the 51 victims to have their say, so be it

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This is certainly painful for the surviving relatives but whatever it takes to put this unrepentant scum in prison forever so be it.

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Ahad Nabi every inch the Kiwi bloke in his rugby shirt and tats.

As Sara Qasem infers, the inadequate in the dock is the 'other.'

Love always wins.

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Four day sentencing hearing?

the purpose is for victims to get some closure. They all deserve their chance to tell this scumbag how they feel.

i guess you haven't lost anyone close to you at another person's hand. Long may it continue for you.

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There is very little information available, quite understandable due to New Zealand Sub judice and contempt rulings. However, this piece from Reuters Pascal Davis

New Zealand shooter's travels around eastern Europe under investigation 2019


If the court rules and the families of the victim wish to hear a statement Brenton Harrison Tarrant prepared or be subject to cross examination in court the families wish should be respected. Also, the Justice has the powers to ensure the High Court is not used as a platform for extremist ideology.

RiskyMosaic, Is there reason to suspect that Brenton Harrison Tarrant has not had any remaining remnants of humanity gouged out?

I also understand that live reporting from the courtroom is banned, and there are other restrictions in place on what the media can report.

If this trail gives the families an opportunity to confront Brenton Harrison Tarrant and in turn find some solace it would be a grave injustice to intervene.

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RiskyMosaic, If you are a New Zealander then you would have more insight to the laws and the court rulings and culture.

I cannot comprehend Brenton Harrison Tarrant motivation. Tarrant's complete lack of empathy even when confronted with the victims families.

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Move on. And don't use his name.

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I will referring  Brenton Harrison Tarrant by his full name as the article suggests.

Got an issue with that, take it up with Japan Today editorial staff.

I will move at my own pace at my own reconnaissance.

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I will leave you with the last word between our exchange on the subject.

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Perhaps he should be allowed to read questions from the families, and his reply/replies should also be in writing.

Nothing verbal, at least in public. No need for the whole world to hear such personal things.

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To face atrocity, one has to acknowledge fully the perpetrator, Brenton Harrison Tarrant.

Failure to do so is contemptuous cowardice.

Pusillanimity, lacking any redeemable courage or fortitude, a spineless refusal to acknowledge the truth or existence of Brenton Harrison Tarrant crimes.


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Admittedly the Japanese justice system is far from perfect, but they do keep a lid on things, and they allow the perp to reflect and write and reflect and write and reflect and write, with the eternal hope that one day he/she will produce a heart-felt apology showing clear evidence of remorse. This is why I wrote what I did above, about he in NZ who shall be nameless.

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While I sympathise with the victims and their families, I think it is also cruel to pass judgment on the perpetrator! He is also a victim!! It is too easy to look at one side of the story. What he did is wrong but we should have some compassion for him too!

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Note that Weedad Mohamedhosen is cradling a plush panda for support. She has experienced a terrible tragedy at such a young age and like the other witnesses will have emotional scars that will last forever. And they have every right to confront this hateful ill mannered unrepentant scourge and let him know how they feel.

I hope this terrormonger spends a long life in prison, an Aussie in Kiwi land. Never to return home, a stranger in a foreign land before his punishment in the next life.

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