Pokemon Go players held at gunpoint in Australian park


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“Police are urging people to be aware that even if it’s a rare Pokemon, driving dangerously is just not worth it,” Tasmania Police added.

It is absolutely incredible that adults need to be told this.

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I already have problems with college and high school students riding their mamacharis on the wrong side of the road, while having their faces stuck into their phones and headphones on. Can't wait for the game to hit Japan. Yikes!

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This story must be a MISTAKE, you aren't allowed to own a firearm in Australia any more.

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WA: The story suggests what many opponents of strict gun control always assert- that gun control laws only restrict the law abiding from owning firearms. The criminal element will not be deterred so easily.

As for this "game", it may be a partial answer to global overpopulation,

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I would start by banning Pokemon games for people over 16. Over 30... now that's a serious offense ; )

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It is the people doing idiotic things that are dangerous not Pokemon Go!!!!!

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