Polanski stuck in jail; must pay full $4.5 mil bail


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Pay up! Lib.

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It has nothing to do with politics. This is a bail jumper. He needs to stay in jail till this is over. < :-)

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he awaits a decision on whether he will be extradited to the U.S. for having sex in 1977 with a 13-year-old girl.

Not quite. He will be extradited for fleeing justice and running to Europe. This pip-squeak drug rapist thinks he is above the law. Glad to hear he is still stuck in jail.

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jail his ass!!!!

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It's amazing to see after all these years he still thinks he's above the law, and there's millions of people who think he should get the double standard and be free. Good to see the Swiss know what they're doing.

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Hang on a minute, Switzerland = money and banks, right? So let me see, he pays the money into the bank for the authorities, then they let him escape. End of story. Switzerland is far better off during this financial crisis, and Polanski won't be so stupid again. Then with any luck he'll get run over by a train on the journey back to France (who should be ashamed of themselves for supporting him. The fact that they don't extradite their citizens is fine, and it applies to all their citizens, but actually voicing support of this pervert is what shows their true colours.)

And if he'd been a man and taken his extra 48 days, just forty eight days, he wouldn't have had all these problems for all these years.

He should have got a far longer sentence in the first place of course, but hopefully he'll get it now. Sodomy is apparently one of his favourite treats, so he'll have a good time in the prison showers.

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“He is in good spirits. He is very happy about how he has been treated here,” Faure-Tournaire said. He expected Polanski to leave jail soon, but he could not say how quickly.

The more I read about this man and how nicely he's being treated after running from the law, the more faith I lose in humanity.

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1) All he needed to do was to serve an extra 90-day jail sentence back 20 years ago and this would never have needed to happen. A coward rapist and a coward of a human.

2) French morals.. tolerance of Polanski, supporting Thierry Henry, giving awards to Jerry Lewis..

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"Sodomy is apparently one of his favourite treats, so he'll have a good time in the prison showers."

Methinks he's probably lost his sex appeal.....

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