Police arrest 2 teens over rape of 2 1/2-year-old girl in Indian capital


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These sad excuses for human beings need to be made examples of in a spectacular display that is so publicly and widely advertised as to leave no mistake whatsoever that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

But for that to happen, India needs to come to terms with some uncomfortable truths, one of those being that the police failing to catch these animals beforehand as most certaily *not the problem.

The problem is that Indians are failing to directly and vigorously attack the fundamentally flawed social and cultural underpinnings that allow young Indian men (and no small number of Indian women through their passive, resigned consent) to go through life believing that this sort of barbarism is in any way, shape, or form acceptable or normal.

It's not.

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"two 17-year-old boys were arrested... the teens admitted their guilt"

I do hope that no one in India needs telling what to do next!!! :-(

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Can anybody explain why the death penalty would not be appropriate for those two "teens"?

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Well, can you really trust the police work of the Indian police? They sure seemed to find the perpetrators quickly.

If they really did it, they deserve to die. The problem is concluding that they definitely did it.

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@Strangerland - "The problem is concluding that they definitely did it"

The TWO AND A HALF-YEAR OLD GIRL didn't go off with someone she didn't know. The "two teenagers" knew the family and "admitted their guilt" but these are just facts.

So "find the perpetrators quickly" is what you do when the whole world is watching. Take note Japan!!!

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Dang! What's up with all these rapes in India? First the infamous gang rape of a in a bus, 2012. Then those japanese gals. Now "toddlers" and 5 yr olds?

And the whole country was in an uproar when Law Enforcement in NCY arrested & stripped searched that female Indian diplomat. Sheesh!! Take a look in the mirror.

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I will never, ever take my daughters to India.

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