Police arrest suspect over rape of 5-year-old girl in India


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This is a total disgrace. Indian Government should get its act together and enforce harsher penalty for offenders, I reckon castrating those offenders would be too lenient. Apparent statistic showed that in India every 20 minutes a female is being rape.

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Torture this pos until he dies.

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No surprises to read this outrage happened in India - the rape capital of the world where sexual violence against females is the norm. I just pray that this innocent little girl recovers. If the authorities over there want to send out a message that sexual violence is not on, this monster should be swiftly tried and executed.

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Best argument for a death penalty I've heard in a while.

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BurakuminDes, if she lives, she will never recover. However, I do know what you mean. I cannot believe there are people in this world that have urge to even touch a five year old girl. Im literally in shock. I had to leave work after reading this article. I just cant imagine what that little girl went through over a 48 hour period. I just wish I could have five minutes with this monster...just five minutes...

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the rape capital of the world

I thought SA was the holder of that title...

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After reading this I went over and held my six year old child while he slept. People who hurt children should be exterminated immediately.

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