Police ask Canadian government to postpone legal marijuana


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govt is elected by citizens. police are paid by citizens. this is so confusing if you smoke weed.

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Simple don't smoke at all.

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Justin, we wanna get stoned NOW!

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Get stoned. Is that medical or recreational use?

Confused as many pro-mj people happily mix those?

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pacinct, its all a pathetic joke. part of the decline of the west.

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Some of the premiers of Canada's 10 provinces told the government in June that they also might not be ready by that deadline

They having trouble with their crops? Wrong fertiliser??? I hear Seasol is wonderful on tomato plants....

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Please stop using that word mariwhatever.  It's cannabis

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Please stop using that word mariwhatever. It's cannabis

Every anti-drug push in American history has had a racial or cultural component to it that represented the primary thrust and motivation. Opiate control and prohibition rode on a wave of media generated anti-Chinese sentiment. The Chinese were the target, the opium was the excuse. With cocaine, the target was black Americans and the main thrust of the campaign focused on cocaine use and black criminality; especially the rape of white women by stoned black men. Again the cocaine was just an excuse, black American men were the target.

With cannabis, the primary goal was to create a tool to help control immigration, primarily from Mexico. Mexicans smoked weed and they called it marijuana. The American news media began referring to cannabis as marijuana right about the same time that they began a vigorous campaign to demonize the devil weed and its users. By connecting this evil menace with Mexicans the press reinforced anti-immigration sentiments with every lurid tale of the defilement and degradation of good white kids.

Changing the name of cannabis to marijuana is just about the clearest example of systemic anti-immigration bias that you could find. That's why I cringed the first time I heard the term "medical marijuana". I know that it has a nice rhythm to it but I also know what "marijuana" represents.

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Yes, Kuya. It's all one vast racist conspiracy to prevent good little white kids from getting their high on, because if they were high all the time, they wouldn't be able to drive cars which support big oil and pollute the atmosphere with carbon dioxide, or go off to fight wars in foreign countries necessitating the buildup of the military industrial complex. Were good white kids allowed to get high, all of the health benefits of cannabis, the poppy seed and the coca leaf would shine through creating a true heaven on earth where people would be happy all of the time and never get sick.

But now the jig is up because you, Kuya808, have shown us the truth . You have shown us the man behind the curtain. The emperor has no clothes. We're being bamboozled.

It's a one big giant cabal between the KKK, their cronies in Washington and the pharmaceutical, oil and military technology industries.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the aliens.

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It's all one vast racist conspiracy 

It sure was back then, but it wasn't about white kids. It was about Mexicans.

We're being bamboozled.

That just about sums it up.

It's a one big giant cabal between the KKK, their cronies in Washington and the pharmaceutical, oil and military technology industries.that's about it.

Yep, that's about it.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the aliens.

The illegal ones?

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Canadian police asks government to postpone legal marijuana

US police asks government to tighten gun control

Would they listen

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