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Police bust baby trafficking ring in eastern China


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Ah yes, and this is only the TIP OF THE ICEBERG!!

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Oh! My! God!

Is China the Hell on Earth???

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sasoriza, no, america is

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Pachinco, I disagree with you, but I am sure babies get sold in America too.

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slave labor

some people need to burn in hell for forcing children to work

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Can someone tell me.....who actually buys babies from China?

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Can someone tell me.....who actually buys babies from China?

i am not an expert by any means, but this is what I have read:

Chinese in big cities, mostly. Firstly, they can get around the "one child per family" law by adopting a second, which apparently doesnt count under the law. The second issue is that most families favour sons, so the girls have been "disposed of" in some cases (abortion, adoption, infanticide), leading to an uneven balance in favour of boys - there are simply too many boys in the city and not enough girls to eventually marry them! So families will adopt a girl as a future wife for their son. They also adopt as an unpaid maid, and/or someone to look after them in their old age. Some girls are also raised and forced into prostitution. Apparently they can purchase a girl for a little as $75 from a countryside family who favour boys to work on the farm, and resell them for as much as $7500! They prefer kidnapping though - cheaper that way, and one hospital was found to have been selling newborns and claiming they were kidnapped. In the article I read, 10 babies were found drugged and hidden in sports bags on a bus bound for Beijing. One was only 10 days old. Sadly, one of them had already succumbed to the journey.

I got this from the Daily Telegraph in the UK. It was about 6 years ago. Im sorry i dont remember the exact date of the article.

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You should also know that western families adopting babies from orphanages in China are often "encouraged" to make a "donation" to the orphanage, on top of all the additional fees they pay. Babies are big business, it seems.

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Can someone tell me.....who actually buys babies from China?

I remember there were some articles awhile back that suggested the Chinese government (or local city governments in China) were involved in baby trafficking.

Western couples who were unable to have babies of their own naturally, tended to adopt babies from abroad. Adoption agencies in China made a lot of money because of this. I'm not sure how involved the Chinese government was regarding these international adoptions.

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In the eyes of JT, this piece of selected news was worth reporting as a headline on the 'world' column ? Of course, driver rolled over a girl too ? How about the Chinese space shuttle launch ? Suggest JT to set up a new 'China Bad News' column though !

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Just glad these traffickers were caught, but, before I celebrate I am left with a troublesome thought, these little ones were unwanted by their parents and sold. I dread to think what will happen to these little innocents if their parents are not able to profit from their sale in the future.

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Things like this only HAPPEN IN CHINA!!! Civilized nations like us will permit such things to be existed in the first place!!

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sorry, *will never permit!!

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The part about some couples having sold multiple children is amazing. So mommy is just a brood mare? The mind boggles. Things are different in China, that's for sure....

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ICBM70Nov. 04, 2011 - 11:16PM JST Things like this only HAPPEN IN CHINA!!! Civilized nations like us will nevr permit such things to be existed in the first place!!

No, they prefer to have babies in the "conbini" toilet and abandon them in the trash can there...

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Stay on topic please.

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