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Police find 12 tortured bodies in Mexico


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Mexico and South america is famous for drug woes.

There is need to make more jobs,so that people will keep away from drug related activities and jobs.

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you suggest that people get involved in the "drug business" because of economic hardship..incorrect they get involved because they are either greedy,lazy or foolish and more than likely all three.

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There is need to help reduce the demand of drugs from the US, sure you can try create jobs but that won't stop druglords as it's a very profitable industry

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You have a beautiful naivety of human nature that I find hard to be critical of but really I have to go along with Bento on this. Mexico has by the way always been much more violent than the other Latin American countries, though that is not to say that Colombia for example is not violent, it can be, but never in quite so brutal a fashion as Mexico. Jobs & better access to education would answer some of Mexico’s problems but it would be a long slow route. Part of the problem is the historical distance, distrust & animosity that exists between the people & government. Corruption at a national & local level has been norm for has long as there has been a Mexico so that any government law is not going to carry any weight with people that see a corrupt few dictating to people that know they have no real rights in their own country. It is changing, but very, very slowly & never by a degree that is likely to change a culture where selfishness has been the best means of survival, Mexicans have little empathy for their fellow Mexicans, they can’t afford it.

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And the narco terrorists continue to kill and terrorize with impunity. This should have been addressed years ago, the war on drugs was a waste as it primarily ensnared users as ooposed to higher ups and distributors. Epic Failure

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Quite right. The solution is to legalize drug use and legitimize the industry and then tax and regulate it. There will be consequences as a result of more drug acciction but the costs of treatment will likely be less than the "war on drugs" has cost.

Unfortunately many of the criminals will just turn to other criminal activities and corrupt politicians will continue to be corrupt. But without the huge profits from drugs the consequences of the criminal activity should be reduced. The same thing happened when the US ended prohibition of alcohol. Time to learn from history.

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I think USA needs to follow holland way in finding solutions for drug anti social woes.

Legalising drug may end unnecessary deaths via drug turf wars or via anti drug turf wars.

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grafton- Be critical, I have been criticised many times on JT.

To criticise,is to take issues to higher levels of discussions. Lack of empathy among mexicans,adds to mexico's woes.

As you say they can't afford it,to have empathy,I understand this situation.

Selfishness among mexicans is the problem in mexico. I also agree with you.

Corrupt politicuans also sleeping on the job,and just making wealth with their positions. Epic failure on drug woes situation in mexico, that's all that can be said for the situations in Mexico.

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