Police fire tear gas as migrants try to break through Greek border


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Now we are faced with a violent invasion. The Macedonians must use whatever force is necessary to repel the invaders. The children there should be taken into care by the Greek authorities as their parents are endangering them by using them as tools in their attempts to invade Macedonia.

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Anti-Refugee Immigration is already in an all-time high in Europe. Why bother publishing articles that sympathize the refugees when many will ignore it.

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People who ignore the police over a security issue and throw rocks at them don't make good citizens.

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Good on the Macedonians for showing some backbone.

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Our dithering EU "leaders" have made us weak. Demented political correctness with an insane benefits culture. There is no wonder these people are clamoring to get here en masse.

As to their violent invasion, use live rounds as deterrent. We're already bursting at the seams and in hopelessly in debt. Enough is enough.

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