Police: McNair shot dead in sleep by girlfriend


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Wow! Memo to all guys: if you can't keep it in your pants, at least make sure you're sleeping with a mentally stable girl. Even if McNair was an adulterous jerk, he still deserved better than to get murdered that way.

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"and her belief that he was seeing someone else"

Ah, his wife perhaps?

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So because she wasn't any good at being a homewrecker, she thought she should be a murderer instead?

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Seems that way flatearther. Everyone has a few skeletons in their closet. For the most part, Mcnair was a very nice, approachable, stand-up role-model type of guy from what i remember a few years back. Even with this adultery thing, I seriously dont believe that he needed to be killed. Especially in such a fashion. He has my sympathy, but at the same time, He did make his bed.

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All the man wanted was a bit of action on the side...

Sounds like more trouble than its worth.

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what an awful way for the wife and the 4 kids to find out about his affair... good luck to them !

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Killing a sleeping person is just about the lowest, most disgusting, most cowardly thing a person can do.

I wonder what God Ms. Kazemi believes in. I can't imagine that any deity would offer forgiveness for this.

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A lot of temporary problems (money, DUI, jealosy) "solved" with a permanent solution. Obviously, she was too invested in him, and he was too connected to her. Helluva way to lose one of Nashvile's few sports heroes.

Her roommate was going to move out. Maybe because her fiddle was shy a couple of strings?

flatearther: It's not easy avoiding the unstable girls when you're famous. You see a lot of that here.

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I've never understood how someone can tie their entire self-worth to another person loving them, and then kill themselves when they feel it goes all wrong. I wish I could have told Kazemi that there is no such thing as a one and only love in her life, that the heart is strong and she can love and be loved by many, that her self-worth doesn't depend on any one man loving her. I would ask her to remember that there was a time she didn't know McNair and she got along fine without him. Maybe she has gone from one guy to another guy all her adult life, using them as her emotional crutch, as so many of us do.

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smartacus: "I wish I could have told Kazemi that there is no such thing as a one and only love in her life, that the heart is strong and she can love and be loved by many, that her self-worth doesn't depend on any one man loving her."

I agree with you in part -- that we should maintain an element of independence and OF COURSE self-worth when in a relationship with someone, but I don't see any necessary problem with believing in a one and only love. I personally don't think anyone is 'made' for anyone else, because as two different physical beings it's impossible to truly be 100% ONE being. Instead I believe we compromise, and that there are of course differing levels of compatibility and said compromise.

Still, you CAN fall in love with one person and believe they are the only one for you to love, and hope that you are the only one they love, too. Throwing away your self-worth? no no no.

While McNair was no saint, he didn't deserve this, and it's clear the woman was out of touch with reality. I think it's quite sick as well that she did it while the man was sleeping.

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What is with this "unstable girl" business? I doubt she would have done this if McNair had been playing his game right. Affairs are just fine in my book, but there are right ways and wrong ways to go about them. Sounds like McNair was doing it a wrong way. Sounds like he pushed her over the edge as much as she might have been close to it.

When a woman has marriage on her mind and she is eyeing you, you got to get that sorted a.s.a.p. You do not lead a woman on about that. You do not let her flit around thinking the wrong thing. Heck, you can even have an affair and hide your marriage, but you got to lay down the fact that marriage is not going to happen, and there are a million excuses. Such a course is also risky, but not as bad as letting your mistress think you are marriage potential and then not deliver.

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smartacus... Unfortunately, there are a lot of women who cannot provide the lifestyle they feel they "need", so they attach themselves to those who can provide it. It's worse in celebrity-rich areas like Nashville. People come here with dreams, but they don't always get realized.

I've seen so many young women here, often girlfriends of my friends, who have no job, no job skills, and don't know how to do anything but drink, get high, and have sex. It's one thing if they're 19, but some are like that in their mid-to-late-30's. And they want nice cars, nice clothes, and lots of shoes. So they go straight to the men who can provide those things.

One girl I know is 22, tall, tanned, blonde, busty, and on all sorts of prescription mood-stabilizing drugs. This month, she's dating a married 42-year-old club owner. Another one I know is almost 40, and sleeps with whoever can pay her bills that week. Seriously, she's that bad.

BeaverCleaver: If she had convinced herself that McNair was going to leave his wife and four kids for her (she could've done that without any help from McNair), AND that he was seeing another woman, she couldn't have been perfectly stable.

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