Police say Munich suspect was obsessed with mass shootings


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The German police are professionals, and not to be trifled with. They will thoroughly investigate this, and are correctly not jumping to conclusions by prematurely judging many are doing. Until the facts come in, everything else is speculation, and speculation is often completely wrong.

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"The German police are professionals...."

You mean when they aren't ignoring dozens of young female victims coming to their for help from en-mass sexual assaults in the middle of one of the country's biggest cities - for what they later acknowledged was due to "political considerations"? "Professionals," riighhttt......

"They will thoroughly investigate this..."

I wonder. I want to know about the teenager's parents, who are mysteriously not mentioned, and his childhood upbringing.

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Born in Germany and parents made sure he gained citizenship in Iran. This speaks volume on his foundation.

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He was shouting "I am German! I am German!" Sounds like he was bullied at school.

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@crazyjoe. Are you being sarcastic?

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Born in Germany and parents made sure he gained citizenship in Iran.

Our son was born in Europe. Sinisterly, we made sure he gained citizenship in Japan.

How this appalling Munich tragedy very inconsiderately conflicts with our stereotypes.

On the anniversary of Breivik's Norway massacre, a kid obsessed with mass shootings shouts abuse at Turks, slaughters three Kosovo Albanians, three Turks and three others.

But let's not allow this event to screw with our prejudices. Hell, no.

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Comparing Europe and Japan to Europe and Iran is very different. What European wants to live in Iran? Common sense difference.

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Technically, the German police are good professionals, well-trained and well-funded. But they are under huge political pressure to keep lid on the immigration issue (yes, political correctness strikes again). Here is the complete and absolutely disgraceful fiasco to act during the New Year mass sex attacks at Cologne, refusal to accept complaints in case of not life-threatening crimes by immigrants etc. I'm surprised they made public the nationality of the ax-wielding young killer several days ago. Let's see what they will come up with now.

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Believe it or not, we have also a reaction from the German Government. Interior minister, Mr. de Maizière, is thinking about tightening firearms laws and regulations. IS beware!!

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Ali Sonboly's situation seems closer to the far-rightists and the disgruntled Columbine high school shooters

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Born in Germany and parents made sure he gained citizenship in Iran.

Not at all. Got that from Fox news or invented it yourself ? Son of 2 Irani, he was born with Irani nationality (which is like being apatride since Iran does not welcome descendents of refugees back even 2 generations later). His parents and/or himself had to apply to make him obtain German nationality. Also he did not convert to Islam, it's the contrary, he converted to Roman Catholicism.

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I lean towards the notion of this being a bully/Columbine type of situation. I don't know if this was school related but it definitely looks like someone who felt marginalized by society and blamed everybody but themselves. This kind of thing has been going on long before IS and the the latest surge in Islamic extremism and even before the advent of the internet and the toxic effect of social networks.

Nobody has seemed to come up with an answer for this kind of event, and not for lack of trying. One thing I've noticed is that many non-Islam related mass shootings happen in developed countries with higher standards of living. Could it be an issue related to social stratification and class identity?

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florida, Nice, now this - the perpetrater is always portrayed as mentally unstable, etc. must downplay islams part in it at all costs!

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