3 dead in Georgia gun range shooting; 40 weapons stolen


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Condolences to this family, and especially to Thomas Hawk, Jr., who found his parents and son murdered. May the family get the support they will need.

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Why would there be so many guns there? Do customers not bring their own weapons?

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nandakandamandaToday  10:52 am JST

Why would there be so many guns there? Do customers not bring their own weapons?

When people go to a golf driving range, there are usually balls and clubs available to rent.

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Tragic. Agreed @TheAvenger 7:57am the full support of the community and government resources should be available to bring justice a solace to the family of these law abiding business owners and their grandson.

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All calculated. These gun ranges @nandakandamanda 10:52am may also provide a storage service for gun owners not having adequate storage or choosing not to store their firearms within their homes. Not there but imagine once inside the secured area where ammunition is made available, the perpetrator(s) gunned down the family, tools their keys, unlocked and stole the additional weapons.

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Having lost a family member to a gun accident, I can understand passions about the gun issues in America @zichi 12:33pm but your frequent, over-dramatizations like “the streets of America are paved with guns” does not help making people aware and open to a dialog toward compromises and resolutions.

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Why would there be so many guns there? Do customers not bring their own weapons?

Aside from storing weapons for customers who don't want to bring theirs home they probably also sell firearms.

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All those guns available but they were still caught by surprise and murdered. Something for "self defense" advocates to think about.

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Places with lots of firearms are targets for criminals seeking weapons that aren't traced back to themselves.

After all, it is illegal for a convicted criminal to own any firearm almost everywhere in the USA ... except in those states which give back all citizen rights after they've completed their time + fees for prior criminal actions.

Gun stores need to have their video fees transmitted off-site so police have leads in these types of crimes.

My range has a 2-door entry system with a short hallway between both doors. There are cameras in the corners to catch everyone who enters and leaves. I spoke with the owner and he claims the video is only kept a few days for our privacy AND protection. The range is in the basement with excellent airflow from behind the shooters towards the targets. There's a slight breeze down there.

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Thanks for the answers above, giving me a clearer picture. Such a sad and tragic loss of life. I hope they catch the perps ASAP. With luck one of the guns will turn up and be traced back.

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It’s okay @TomSan to post truth and recent statistics with a verifiable link. No need to ‘chill’ about unresolved issues. - It’s those useless, hyperbolic commentaries that are insensitive to the families & gun tragedy survivors that’s disingenuous, insulting and does nothing to bringing opposites closer to resolution of gun issues. As stated earlier: “*Your additional golf analogy/snide remark today of @zichi 12:33pm “Always a hole-on-one.” is tasteless and unnecessary*.”

*- @zichi 12:33pm: “Do people kill others with golf balls and clubs? Guns are designed for the sole purpose of killing. Always a hole-in-one.” -*

With all due respect, many victims certainly expect more sensitivity than that. Let’s “Do better.”

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Thanks’ for your feigned sensitivity here but ‘no thanks@Jimizo. Have respected your admirable display of logic & rationale on many live issues but

Have also read some of your ‘after hours’ (JST) less-than-flattering and (as you’ve admitted, “childish”)posts,

all conveniently deleted the next am. (“It’s just good fun.”, eh?)

Plus, always the stench of an approaching dogpile with both you & your less-than-humble buddy so,

no need to discuss my family tragedy here.

Not looking for drama, sympathy or an audience,

just understanding toward resolving gun issues.

Perhaps counsel someone else who like to conflate issues with your same advice? :

*- “**Relax. You do tend to get a bit over emotional with these things.” -*

As always, Best to You.

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It’s okay @TomSan to post truth and recent statistics with a verifiable link. No need to ‘chill’ about unresolved issues

I hear you. BTW, "chill" was meant for the other guy, not directed at you.

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Your intention was ever clear, TS. It’s others who are just seeking their daily audience on this form of ‘social media’ (although they deny it is SM) to tout their righteousness and virtues.

Seldom seem to understand that some family events are best kept ‘private’ in respect for the grief of others grief. Not everything has to be ‘share’d. Seems they’d prefer to make sport of it with their ‘followers’ and/or create drama to illustrate just their POV/get their way.

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