Police urge man who livestreamed homicide on Facebook to turn himself in


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What a muppet! Killing a 74 year old man who was probably someone's dad and grandad for no reason except that he's mad at some woman? What an animal. To have so little respect for human life...

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Stephens, who is employed at Beech Brook, a behavioral health agency headquartered in Pepper Pike

I have no words... But I'm sure there must be something to say about this.

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What's with that beard? Is it a statement of some kind? Or is he just another nutter?

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I woke up to this story today and unfortunately happened upon the video of him shooting the old man. Just made me angry. I hope this guy is caught, turns himself in, or does himself in soon.

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The guy killed had 9 children, and 14 grandchildren.

What an absolute shame.

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How many more examples of the corrosive effect of social media will it take before people wake up to the danger it poses to society.

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No shoot out happened. CBS reports: After a pursuit of about two miles, officers used a “precision immobilization technique” maneuver in which they rammed the vehicle causing it to spin out of control. As the vehicle was spinning, Stephens pulled out a pistol and shot himself in the head.

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Shot himself during a car chase. A bad but not unexpected outcome. The manhunt is over.

This happened north of the area I live in and it put the entire greater-Cleveland area in a state of unrest. I couldn't help but spend most of yesterday's work day thinking a lot of "what if's." There was a general feeling of fear and doubt of assurance of safety in the air.

I wonder what it will take to make this nation wake up and rethink gun policies. There's multiple shootings happening every single night in this city. Guns are in the hands of the violent, vindictive, and deranged. People I know personally have been shot. Nothing about that is right.

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I wonder what it will take to make this nation wake up and rethink gun policies. By size, Japan is only 70% of the state of California. It is real easy to control the population in Japan and prohibit firearms. Knives kill more people in Japan than any other weapon. If anyone wants to see a violent revolution in the USA, try taking away the firearms from the citizens. Other countries have been able to take away weapons, and have paid the consequences. There is absolutely no way the Japanese will ever understand the American need for legal firearms. It is better to agree to disagree on the issue rather than continually writing about it every time one person out of 318 million commits a crime with a firearm. Assignment: What is the ratio of total deaths to population by knives in Japan and the ratio of total deaths to population by firearms in the USA? Expand it by comparing children killed by parents and grandparents. Every death is a tragedy and should never have happened.

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