Pompeo agrees Kim Jong Un is a 'tyrant'


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Why is Pompeo bad mouthing Trump's man-crush? Doesn't Trump deserve an SoS that is unquestioningly loyal like every president deserves?

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U.S. President Donald Trump has said he's in love with Kim Jong Un, but Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday agreed that the North Korean leader is a "tyrant."

Is Pompeo - along with other neo-cons like Bolton - going rogue and making decisions for the US while Trump's busy playing golf, tweeting, looking out for his global businesses, noshing with fellow elite at one of his properties (where the US taxpayers pick up the tab and his businesses profit), and/or waiting for his Fox friends to tell him what to do?

The bucks in Trump's White House stop only at his bank accounts. Corrupt businessman, corrupt politician.

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Trump is useless on North Korea.

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Sometimes I wonder, has Trump confused the North and South, or is he just an idiot?

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Trump is useless on North Korea.

Yeah, it's going to take some time. Too bad Obama, Bush and Clinton couldn't take care of this during their 24 years in office.

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You didn't elect Trump to compare him to people you consider to be failures.

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Trump is useless on North Korea.

There are several families who have gotten back remains of loved ones that would disagree with you.

Which are, by the way, results about a 100% improvement over the past 25+ years.

Would your rather the "do nothing" status quo be kept? How come even a slight, almost imperceptible, improvement is unacceptable to you?

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He calls the NK leader a tyrant while he is busy pushing for an American backed and funded civil war and regime change in Venezuela?

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Why didn't they ask him if he would use the word "tyrant" when talking about Trump?

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Deadforgood: Why didn't they ask him if he would use the word "tyrant" when talking about Trump?

Because they're not that stupid.

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