Pompeo assails China for rights abuses


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China’s leaders are responsible for gross human rights violations 

The evidence seems to back that up. At no time in China's history has it shown concern for the notion of human rights. But with regard to human rights violations, a purported religious man like Pompeo should be asked what the US is doing with those kids in cages at the border.

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Pompeo, as his master wishes, is only in it for a better trade deal between the U.S. and China. If Trump gets the trade deal he wants, they'll turn a blind eye to anything Beijing does.

From quid pro quo to tit for tat. These guys are real connivers.

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Notably his criticism was not accompanied by a warning about possible sanctions for the mass detentions, although U.S. lawmakers are pressing for penalties to be imposed.

Why not press for penalties or is the trade deal more important?

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U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Tuesday that a cache of leaked documents proves that Chinese authorities are engaged in massive and systemic repression of Muslims and other minorities in western China...

A cache of documents and multiple testimonies from career civil servants and diplomats in HIS OWN country prove that senior White House officials (possibly including himself) are engaged in massive and systemic abuses of power, including cover ups, bribery, collusion, and financial irregularities.

While it is important to hold China accountable for any rights abuses it conducts, Pompeo is a hypocrite for not speaking up about the corruption that is currently taking place in his own government.

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By the way: Return those stolen documents! Mr.Pompeo!

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By the way: Return those stolen documents! Mr.Pompeo!

Sarcasm doesn't come through the same in posts as conversation.

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Everybody already knows what's really happening in Xinjiang

Only China believes what China says what's happening there

The fact that they're so protective of what comes out there illustrates they're trying to hide it

Because otherwise, if what they say is the truth, then they wouldn't be so protective - the truth is nothing to hide about

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