Pompeo rips into China; urges ASEAN to trust in U.S.

By Romeo GACAD

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Asked what the U.S. response would be in the event of a Chinese military intervention in the financial hub, he said: "One thing this administration has been really good about is not tipping our hand to what we will or won't do. And I'm going to do that here this morning."

Not to worry Pompeo, Trump can’t wait to tweet to tip his hand.

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Not a fan of Trump, but he's the first U.S. President to recognize China for what it is and for what it is not. He was the first U.S. President to put a spotlight on China's trade abuses and how China leverages its trade to weaken other countries and to strengthen themselves.

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US has been the number one economic terrorist for the past 15 years, despite what people think it really exploded against Europe under Obama. They have been buying European companies with the help of their crooked judicial system through blackmailing, false imprisonment, fines, etc. And ... Europe has been dumb enough to let the US do and let those companies down. Just look at the recent Alstom story, a real shame. Anybody who tries to follow what's going on behind the scene is really laughing at Pompeo right now.

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A bull in a China shop, almost literally...

Wrong. But that would be better than to continue to bend over and have our asses handed to us.

US has been the number one economic terrorist for the past 15 years...

Wrong. The U.S. has, however, been the number one driving economic force for decades.

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This is the action of greedy usa.

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SerranoToday 02:27 pm JST

Wrong. The U.S. has, however, been the number one driving economic force for decades.

I suggest you to have a read at that recent book:

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But those American values can quite often not be seen with the present government

Many countries are slaves to money and making money, There is all this talk about freedom and democratic values but it’s really about opening markets and making money

The US discovered it can make a lot of money selling tanks and weapons during WWII. Once the war ends the cash flow takes a big hit. What to do? Go and create more conflicts and sell more. Libya and Iraq can’t be justified.

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Pompeo is full of hot air, China has been aiding countries all over the world long before the belt and road was devised.

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The problem is that too many countries have placed too much trust in a crooked and corrupt cop, the US. Since WWII, the nations of the globe have appeased and kowtowed to the US and allowed it to become arrogant and self serving. Now most of the globe is under the heel of the US and feel intimidated by the US military and don't know what to do so they standby and allow it to dominate and dictate.

Sure, all the wold has trust in an insane POTUS determined to take us into another war.

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Neither China nor America can be trusted at the moment. Both have poor leadership and questionable policies.

If only there was a third option....

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