Pompeo says no more U.S. reconstruction aid to Syria if Iran stays


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Sounds at least a little like black-mailing, now, doesn't it.

Or like little kids playing games. But those games might hurt everyone.

And of course "they" don't demand the same from Russia, guess why!

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National security adviser, John Bolton, said last month that U.S. troops would stay "as long as Iranian troops are outside Iranian borders."

The Iranian troops are present at the request of Assad, which means they are legitimately in Syria. The US troops are in Syria without Assad's approval, whicheans they are illegitimately in Syria.

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"The United States will refuse any additional reconstruction assistance to war-torn Syria so long as Iranian troops are present in the country"

This is just common sense.

"The Iranian troops are present at the request of Assad"

Mistake by Assad. He's made them before.

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Good luck with that

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Mistake by Assad. He's made them before.

His country, his mistake to make.

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Blow the country illegally to bits, supply terriorists with weapons and chemicals, kill cillians, smash infrastructure, supply Israel with $32billion in arms to attack a foreign sovereign country that is not attacking them, illegally occupy, defend Al-quida, al Nusra and white helmets, back regime change, bully allay turkey because they don’t buy USA weapons...don’t get me started on depleted uranium munitions in Iraq, use of phosphorus chemical weapons in civilian centers...too tiring. I think being an ostrich with your head in the sand is the most smartest thing.

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And yet, even though NK has flat out said their previous promise to the admin to denuclearize for the US' recognition and then the flip-flop everyone knew would come with them saying "We won't denuke as a bargaining chip", Pompeo still goes there and he and Trump literally are in love with the dictator. But here they are bullying and blackmailing because Iran is Trump's flavor of the month to pick on, led absolutely no doubt by the nut job Bolton.

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The hubris is mind numbing. We funded and supplied the thugs that brought ruination to your country however, if you don't kick out the people you legitimately asked to come on over, we won't help you rebuild. Where are our alien overlords?

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Speaking to a pro Israeli group, dah !! It's Israel who are pushing for conflict and with the neocons, Pompeo and Bolton, the Israeli puppets . I am often amazed at the arrogance of the US, do they honestly believe that they are Syria's savior with the US dollar. Has he taken a look around the region lately, I don't think there will be a shortage of reconstruction money flowing from other countries. As other posters have mentioned, Iran was invited to the party unlike the party buster the US

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US doesn't know what to do. Clueless.

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Russia should be paying for it

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