Pompeo urges EU to get tough on Iran

By Andrew Harnik

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When Trump meets with his BF Putin he will pressure him, no beg him, to get Assad to with draw all the Iranian troops from Syria on orders from Aunty Bibi.

Much to the upset of Trump and his aunty Bibi, the EU, Russia and China will continue to support the Nuclear Deal with Iran and will also impose no new sanctions against Iran.

Not what Trump or Pompeo wants to hear but that's how the cookie crumbles.

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Didn't they ask for similar stuff with North Korea?

Little later the Singapore meeting and deTrump(less) all smiles.

No nukes any more, all happy and friends.

4 weeks later and nothing has happened.

Now Iran. "We want you to ....." and so on.

Yes, Europe will continue to support the nuclear deal, let Trump slap some more taxes on those countries.

We shall see who is going to be the loser and isolated in the end.

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Pompeo urges EU to get tough on Iran

Europe: "Sure! As soon as you get tough on Russia!"

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