Pope warns Latin America against legalizing drugs


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I guess he prefers that drug cartels grow and profit, innocent people die in drive by shootings in turf wars, and recreational users who bother no one get thrown in jail.

What good are leaders who attempt to lead based on old misguided notions straight out of the past? If the pope has connections to God, why is God stuck in the early 20th century prohibitionist era?

One could fairly posit that the catholic church feels that strife is necessary for them to remain relevant.

Mark my words, they will back-peddle in 20 years, just like they did on condoms. And they wonder why they are losing customers.

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I was against lberalization of marijuana, till I watched a documentary comparing the damages of legalized alcohol and criminalized marijuana. In a perfect world, both would be banned. But if alcohol is ok, why marijuana is not? Alcohol causes more damages by a large margin. I am against the liberalization of heavier drugs, though.

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LostinNagoya - Amen.

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Or not. If one man can handle his alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, opium or what have you, that man should be left alone. If another man cannot handle any of the above, that man should not be allowed to have any. Its called a license, and we have them just for such situations. Banning something for all because some people are irresponsible is not the way.

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