Pope heads to Africa for riskiest trip of his papacy


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Good. Maybe he should go there and act like a politician, like he did on his US visit. He should tell the citizens of whichever African country he visits that "immigrants" are and should be welcomed there. . . . . although no emigrating populace really-really want to settle there.

Oh, but when he's in the US, he encourages the United States to open its borders to whoever. Everyone wants to come too. The Vatican has a lot of nerve these days.

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So much bile Wc626, on a weekend to boot! Is he interfering with your "static" world whereby no one moves or immigrates. Or is the pontiff interfering with your precious notions of inequality, offending our dear and selfless oligarchs who might be upset! Why does he so "offend"?

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So much bile Wc626

That's right. THE RAT . . . ? haven't seen that handle in these JT Forums often. I could be wrong though.

Allow me to refresh your memory then:

When the pope came to the US, he was all about the "pro" immigration stance. The libs sucked it up.

Yet, when the pope frowned on the legitimacy of same-sex marriages and how (slowly) other nations among the US are gradually making exceptions for it, the libs DID NOT suck it up.

They still fail to register his stance on that issue. . . . -Pathetic x's 3, if you ask me.

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This is the same Pope Francis who, when asked for his opinion on gays, replied "Who am I to judge?"

I hope you find peace, brother.

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