Pope issues mission statement for papal reform


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While I applaud the idea of reform, you kind of have to question how valid the beliefs are when you can so easily change them to fit modern times, and then still ignore major issues like abortion and homosexuality. It sounds like the guy just wants to 'change' a few things to be more popular.

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Contraception? Nothing to say on this? Condoms save lives by stopping the spread of killer disease, preventing the breadwinner dying and seeing the family thrown into poverty. The best way to alleviate poverty is generally agreed by to be the empowerment of women, most importantly in the form of birth control - giving them control of their reproductive cycle. I also find immoral wealth distribution and extreme poverty disgraces to the world and all that's needed to help the latter is a little common sense. Lift the ban on contraception and truly help the poor you are so concerned about in practical terms. Do it now.

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I think it's fair to say that peoples attitude toward the poor are mostly disdain and fear. They're dangerous and different. Sometimes there is a suspicion that their condition is their own fault that they're simply lazy or inferior. Other people are more kind-hearted, but prefer not to look at the poor too closely because it's depressing and they're surely not for people to be with. These attitudes are a world's away from God's attitude. I think neediness arouses compassion in God and action. We may think, "Of course God loves the poor that he loves everybody." But it's not so simple as that. God's character is presented as a model for our own. If God values the poor, we have to think about what that means for us.

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sorry but i think abortion and homosexuality are the creations of people to please themselves, the church is not the political organisation or an NGO or some kind of social network like facebook which should please people, it is a spiritual organisation which is to God alone, and only God can judge the purity of each spirit. so i think the pope can change corruptions within the bureaucratic structure, but to the other extremes like homosexuality and abortion i think they are only for pleasing this life, not the next. for abortion, the church has its own natural law for family planning, which is very safe and won't do anything bad to your body, a must to learn before marriage. for homosexuality, i think God creates men and women in their natural form, changing that form is just for pleasing your body's own content, lust and desire, not ur spirit.

even second-marriage which resulted in the Roman church being abandoned way back in the British history because the King want to re-marry, that tradition is also still alive and strong till these days. i am not promoting catholicism by the way, just so that u can balance ur views with some views u may not be aware of.

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What does this guy know about Christianity? He's obviously some kind of socialist. Perhaps he should take heed of proper Christianity, Republican American style, where the poor are so because they deserve to be so.

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