Pope mingles with high and low during New York visit


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overpopulation is a problem and will continue to increase sad to say. Mostly in those areas with less wealth and natural resources leading them to seek a comfortable new homeland areas whose greying populations and mature markets are stuck in a economic growth psychosis, yet still refuse to let in much-needed taxpayers?

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The Pope is concerned about climate change, poverty, and immigration. Great! These are all symptoms of overpopulation, something he is in a unique position to do something about. Tell your followers its okay to use contraception.

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contraception is nothing. Using late term abortion to eliminate life is criminal! And overpopulation is a problem and will continue to increase sad to say. Mostly in those areas with less wealth and natural resources leading them to seek a comfortable new homeland.

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His Holiness is all to familiar to what He has been saying since He came to the U.S. We must hasten to His words and "listen" up, for these are truly "troubling times"!!

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refuse to let in much-needed taxpayers

Taxpayers aren't a problem. Illegal immigrants with a thirst for violence, a hatred of their hosts and a tendency to remain for decades on public welfare? Big problem.

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.....taxpayers! A recent poll claims nearly 70% of illegals collect a social welfare in some form. More like Tax Bennefit Collectors.

Point-2, third world migrants are quite satisfied only on welfare. When the come from shacks and no electricity section 8 housing and food stamps are luxury!

Point-3, each legal citizen is a seed to invite other family members often retired parents who never paid a penny in taxes and get on Medicare and welfare.

Point-4, are the less fortunate baby boomers to struggle with a minimal social security payment which may or may not be available when they paid all their lives into it?

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the pope decried the destruction of the environment through a “selfish and boundless thirst for power and material prosperity

Does the pope know that the catholic church decimated entire civilizations through a "selfish and boundles thirst for power and material prosperity"?

He demanded immediate access for the world’s poor to adequate food, water and housing, saying they have the right to lodging, labor and land.

I translate this as "illegal immigrants in the US" and "the refugees arriving in eastern europe" bla-bla-bla. . . .

Wrong. These people do not deserve to lodge in a place where they arrived illegally. They do not deserve the right to labor, land and opportunities- that belongs to the citizens of that country fist. Why is the pope entitling them to something which isn't his to entitle in the first place?

There he goes again acting like a politician again, and not a Roman Catholic Pope. Render to ceasar what is ceasar's. Render to God, what is God's.

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