Pope to visit Myanmar as anti-Rohingya hatred seethes


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Myanmar has a small roughly half a million Catholic population, mainly in the remote north. The same goes for Muslim-majority Bangladesh -- where the Pope will travel on to.

I wonder if those Catholics were facing the same persecution the Rohingya do, what the reaction would be from the far right and anti-refugee crowd.

Anyway, not a fan of his organisation but he does seem an improvement on the previous two.

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He does does seem an improvement on the previous two

I hope he doesn't repeat what his predecessor said about Buddhism:

“If Buddhism is attractive, it’s only because it suggests that by belonging to it you can touch the infinite, and you can have joy without concrete religious obligations...It’s spiritually self-indulgent eroticism.”

That may not go down well in Myanmar.

The less sectarianism we have, the better. The less religion we have, the better.

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If they did that to native Muslims, why would they give a donkeys what some Christian popie from rich Europe says?

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why would they give a donkeys what some Christian popie from rich Europe says?

Why, indeed.

Although Aung San Suu Kyi was quite open to European (and world) opinion when it suited her during her years of house arrest and censorship.

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Why not ask the Dalailama to do the trip together before killingfields come up again

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The Popes visit is going to be a monumental expense. He's going to be the Muslims #1 target, as Christianity and Muslims are on opposing ends of the stick. Their religion encourages attacks upon disbelieves or those who stray from their way of thinking... it's akin to the crew of the USS Nostromo attempting making peace with the Alien invader.

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I'm sure a bit of religious guidance will sort this all out.

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