Pope's comments on condoms cause a stir


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The church is backwards and should be banned.

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Agree 100% with goddog. I find it amazing that such an institution still exists in this century.

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The Pope caved in to peer pressure.

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bet the pope doesnt use condoms

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People still listen to this old guy?

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I wish Islam had a nice old guy like the Pope or better yet that somehow Christianity and Islam would kind of both negate themselves and kind of aspire for true world peace, with plenty of condoms for everyone, KY jelly etc...

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Wow the Pope actually admitted that condoms prevent AIDS? That's amazing, wasn't it just last year he was saying condoms in Africa did nothing to prevent AIDS? The really funny thing is the circumstance and mentioning male prostitutes. So no problem with male prostitution but condoms, well we're still a little worried about the moral issues.

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