Popular S Korean actress found dead in suspected suicide


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Is this World news?

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There is nothin' hotter on TV in Hawaii now and for the past several years than "Korean soaps".

I prefer the Japanese programmin' over the Korean, but I'll pass this on to my buds who do keep up with it.

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Very sad, another high profile suicide of celebrity in S.K. Surely this is world news as it happened in S.K. Paul Newman for example was world news as he transcended entertainment. Looks like suicide has started to creep into other nations too not that it never existed before. Sad, rest in peace.

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All these people should take a chill pill. Suicide should only be for people who have some kind of very painful disease with no cure. Too bad for the 2 kids

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This looks like someone took their work home with them, I mean this whole thing reads just like a soap opera..Should soap opera's be banned?

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