Portugal to ask European Union for bailout


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Sarge - "Does the EU have any money to give to Portugal?"

Theres plenty of money in the EU. The real question is do those with the money want to loan it to those without? Still, this was expected and its out in the open now. Hopefully they can be pursuaded to live within their means, or we'll see it all over again.

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Well thats PIG, now lets see how long it takes Spain so we can get our full PIGS.

Bailouts must create jobs,which make goodies which are competitive and that nations want to buy.

That doesn't work. It doesn't remove toxic assets from the books, it just tries to bury it in money and artificially inflates capital for a few months. Nation's and businesses need to treat the source of their financial failures, not apply a monetary bandaid and pretend it solved anything.

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Corrections- What is needed in Europe,Portugal and USA,is bailouts.

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Does the EU have any money to give to Portugal?

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What is needed is Europe,Portugal,USA is bailouts. Bailouts must create jobs,which make goodies which are competitive and that nations want to buy.

China is leading in exports of goodies,around the world,but they do have weakness. One of the weakness,is low quality. The West must compete,making high quality goods and nice prices. Right now top 4 nations for export is China,Germany,USA and Japan.

China is doing okay,because its working to export goodies. So is Germany,US and Japan too.

Portugal must focus,on its strengths in the international export market for goodies/services. Nations should only import loans/goodies, as much as they can export in goodies.

This where USA,EU and others are failing,they are importing more goodies,than they export. This leads to all the deficits in US and EU nations.

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It all looked so good on paper.Europe never seems to learn.

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