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Sri Lankan officials failed to heed warnings of attacks

By Bharatha Mallawarachi

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Such a horrible event. My heart goes out to all those affected by this insanity.

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Possible intel failures? Goes without saying that it was.That was no small scale attack.A well co-ordinated, despicable act on normal people.The world is so wrong.

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Foxes will sometimes get in among hens and kill everything that moves, but there is something far worse when humans do it to each other so cold-bloodedly, and politically calculated like this.

It’s as if there is a need to prove to someone behind the scenes how depraved barbarity can be thinkable and ‘acceptable’ and doable. What a mess we sit in. What have we humans done to our own garden of Eden? How can we treat this precious gift of life so lightly?

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I read of Tamil Tigers, four decades ago. People said they were all but extinct.

I knew better. So FAR, there is NO proof / mention the Tigers had anything to do with this.

Stand by for further developments.

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I am non-religious. But I think that those who target religious worshippers of any flavor are the lowest of lowlifes.

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Tragic. I hope those responsible and still alive are held to account.

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As far as I know ‘humans’ are the only animals that kill and injure themselves on a regular basis.

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The NY Times has named the pathetic group responsible but I would not give them any oxygen here.

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As far as I know ‘humans’ are the only animals that kill and injure themselves on a regular basis.

You need to watch more nature documentaries then. Whether it's lions fighting for control of a pride, or chimpanzees engaging in vicious, bloody, cannibalistic guerilla warfare with other groups of chimps, animals often will fight, injure, maim, or even kill members of their own species.

The difference, at least it seems, for humans is the motivations for such behavior.

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That's really a shame that they didn't listen to the reports. Boo!

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