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Pot stores open in Canada ahead of legalization


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A tax windfall for the Canadian government....

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Leafs by Snoop

Classic! Counterculture OTC.

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I really hope the roll out for this goes smoothly. I honestly think this should be regulated and distributed like the LCBO or Beer Stores in Ontario. I'm for legalization but I don't want to see pot shops on every corner.

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Just in time for the long cold winter. Still puzzles me how dope is becoming more and more acceptable and legal while at the same time smoking and (to some extent) drinking are suffering more and more restrictive laws. and all the while our yoof are doing leass of all 3......

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I wonder how the Japanese government will deal with this. Apparently by Japanese law, it's illegal for Japanese people to smoke, even if they are in a country where it's legal. Or at least, they said something along those lines on a TV show I was watching about Amsterdam one time. If that's the case, will it be a don't-ask-don't-tell kind of thing? And I also wonder if that law is only for Japanese nationals, or if it extends to us residents as well.

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For a while last year, Costco had delicious Canadian hemp seeds.

I wonder why we don't see them any more.

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Thanks, Educator60!

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@Sense: I heard only medical m are sold in licensed pot store some people said candy form in Colorado..

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His budding empire, however, came crashing down in 2010 when he pleaded guilty to a U.S. charge of narcotics trafficking and was extradited to the United States, for selling marijuana seeds by mail order.

-Never heard of marijuana seeds being classified as a narcotic. = Makes no sense to plead guilty to something like that and it sets a very dangerous precedent for other seed importers/exporters.

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Considering my homeland has had marijuana legal for a long time Amsterdam itself has plenty of "coffeeshops" and most tourists come just for that its a good way for the goverment to make a good profit.

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