Pressure builds on Syria's Assad after chemical attack


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"We have engaged into negotiations in good faith to adopt a resolution - but make no mistake about it we need a robust text,” he said. “We cannot be willing to have a text at any cost.”

All the resolution needs to say is that all parties want to find out what the hell happened, that they agree to send in inspectors to find out, and they agree to grant unrestricted access and cooperate. We owe it to the victims to not play the usual UN politics here.

I'm certainly no fan of Russia and I think they are a gangster state, but in this case they are justified to say that the draft resolution shouldn't presuppose that this was a deliberate chemical weapon attack. That is what the investigation will tell us. At this early stage the UN doesn't need to condemn anything or anyone, not even a generic condemnation of chemical weapons or civilian casulties if it means the resolution will be vetoed. That can come later in another resolution. So yes, we do need a resolution at any cost if the alternative is no resolution at all.

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Wow, America has apparently begun an attack on the Syrian government.. Guess he was for real this time

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US fires about 60 Tomahawk missiles at Syrian air base in retaliation for chemical weapons attack.- 3 minutes ago.

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America has apparently begun an attack on the Syrian government

Nothing apparent about it.

Trump has made it official, he's a neocon, or got neoconed. Doesn't matter, he's done. He will lose his base except for the conservatives like McCain and Graham, but he wins over the MSM. Nice job warmongers!

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