Pressure grows on Hong Kong over extradition bill


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Since HK was handed back, there have been loads of laws passed without anyone batting an eyelid. Is it a coincidence that Trump is on a downer with China and suddenly there are violent protests on the streets.

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There have undoubtedly been many, but there was resistance over that Interpretation business, the Article 23 fap, the failure to get universal suffrage ... etc. I don't think it is correct to imply it won't have happened without Trump.

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Ironic. China doesn't even need the law. If it wants to snatch a person in any country, it will. I suppose this is just for efficiency.

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But Hong Kong's pro-Beijing leader Carrie Lam has shown no signs of backing down, and said the protests were "organised riots".

Excuses, excuses. The organised riots were probably organised by Lam's own government using provocateurs to justify the crack down on an otherwise peaceful demonstration. Why would anyone trust what a pro-Beijing lunatic says when the ChiComs worship the ground Mao Zedong walked upon.

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If Chief Executive use military power to suppress this protest, foreign investors will withdraw funds and run away from stock exchanges in Hong Kong and Beijing. China's financial markets will cool at once.

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This issue is extremely important not just for HK but for the world. I am glad to see there is some comments internationally and hope this is also discussed at the G20 meeting in Osaka.

There will be a mass exit for those who can.

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I don't thin k HK is under pressure, more China is under pressure.  Not like this law was originally thought up in HK.  Tactics used by police show exactly who is giving the orders.

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Police injuring protesters?

So, this is the function of the guardians of the people in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong will soon become a ghost city if this continues!

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Why did the protestors obstructing the legislators into the council to debate about the law?  If they think they have better argument against the extradiction law they should have let the people's legislators to debate and vote for this law! They assaulted the police officers and blocking the traffics, is this democrac?  This is no more a demonstration of free expression! 

THIS IS A STAGED COUP! The Hong Kong government and police has done nothing wrong!

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I'm with the protesters all the way. Should they just sit back and do nothing while China continues to erode democracy?

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If this is an example of Chinese brotherly beneficence, no wonder Taiwan wants nothing to do with them.

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Get out while you can. China may soon control departures from Hong Kong. Don't wait until they "build the Berlin wall". Rebuild in Taiwan, Singapore, etc.

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The US, Canada, EU, Russia, will not guarantee your independence by show of force (stationing of troops, carrier group offshore, etc). They'll just urge China to respect it's agreement.

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Good thing that China decided to DDoS the encrypted Telegram communications app used by protesters.

IP addresses coming mostly from China. Historically, all state actor-sized DDoS (200-400 Gb/s of junk) we experienced coincided in time with protests in Hong Kong (coordinated on @telegram). This case was not an exception. - Pavel Durov (@durov) June 12, 2019

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Wasn't there a president upon a time in Amerika that thought this Hong Kong/China thing was a good idea.

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This law does not just affect HKers. Any traveler or foreigner in HK can be arrested based on just a correctly filled in paper form and be sent to China. That's part of the reasons why so many countries are worrying about this. Unlike many democratic and civilized society police cannot indefinitely detain a person without laying charges. In China, they can detain you forever without laying charges. Also, people will be devour from visit by lawyers or family members (only allow when the authority feels like it).

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I can tell you China will roll over the protesters with tanks.

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The next step to watch is for Foreign Banks to pull out of HK. Once that starts... there will be a huge number of HK folks heading to the UK and the Finance Industry will go where ? Singapore ? Surely not Malaysia or Indonesia... so ... perhaps ... to... Tokyo ? Tokyo has lots of nice new High-rises within the Financial district just waiting. I wonder.

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