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Pressure mounts on Gadhafi within Libya's capital


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He's sitting there at the end of this colossal water pipeline project which must be the key to the wealth of the country. Hanging Gardens of Tripoli? Having invested so much time, labor/labour and money into it, he will not be wanting to let anyone else take it from his family and tribe. Besides, he probably uses the tunnels for his coming and going. Anyone see the movie 'Dune'?

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The move to get rid of Moammar came from his own people after they saw how Egypt youth rejected their dictator. The "elite west" got involved when Moammar started to kill his own people.

Lets try to keep facts in play, not paranoid fantasies.

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Another illegal regime change to get rid of a leader whom the western elite does not like. Why do the people continue to tolerate this?

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And what will come after Gadhafi?

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As my grandfather taught me when I was surprised to see the fish flap around while being gutted: "He's already dead; he just doesn't know it yet."

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I wonder why Gadhafi has never made himself a general? Does he just like the ring of COL. Gadhafi? It DOES roll off the tongue rather easily, I have to admit. General Gadhafi just doesn't flow. I guess I can see why he stuck with Colonel.


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For all his bluster about fighting to the death I still predict Gadhafi will flee the country.

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