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Trudeau slams Facebook for blocking Canada wildfire news


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Mr Trudeau

You can’t have your cake and eat it, you see. More and more are seeing through your facade.

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Are people these days so clueless that they don’t know how to get the news without going through social media ?

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The master of political opportunism strikes again.

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It seems so for many these days, sad but true, you see.

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Canadians were warned that if this Bill was legislated, that problems like this would occur.

Bad policies have bad consequences.

You get what you vote for.

Canada isn't as free as it was before this guy got into power.

Sad for Canadians.

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You can't have it both ways, Trudeau.

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Canadians were warned that if this Bill was legislated, that problems like this would occur.

Fakebook and other social media played the same game in Australia passed legislation requiring social media firms to pay news outlets for posting their news stories. In time the social media giants all backed down and pay for the news stories they post, as they should. The result is that there is a bit of a renaissance in the Australian newsroom, which is exactly what the Australians sought when passing their legislation.

After throwing their little hissy fits the social media giants and their giant egos will cave in and pay news outlets for the news they currently take from them for free.

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Canada isn't as free as it was before this guy got into power.

So tell us all please how social media firms, giant corporations, have some sort of right to take news articles often from new sites, often sites like Reuters and various newspapers that require subscriptions to read their content, and post them on their social media platforms where their readers can access subscription materials for free? Where is this great assault on freedom? The media giants are basically stealing content and posting it up for free, undercutting the very newrooms that generate that content. Newsrooms languish and close while Fakebook and others get rich. It's all wrong.

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So this guy wants to punish Facebook for one thing but wants favors for another.

Facebook and the Truckers should both tell Trudeau to go jump in the lake.

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Meta were obeying the law that this idiot passed.

Friends in Canada have been keeping everyone up to date on Facebook.

Trudeau is going to be so toxic for his party at the next election. I hope they have someone else ready and he stays away from them.

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"Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused Facebook on Monday of putting profits over people’s safety during the emergencies created by Canada’s record wildfire season.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, announced earlier this summer it would keep its promise to block news content from Canada on its platforms because of a new law that requires tech giants to pay publishers for linking to or otherwise repurposing their content online.""

Both Meta and The Canadian government must agree on which contents could be "" BLOKED ""!!!!! i believe emergencies should be excluded, Meta got it wrong this time.

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Is there a clause in the law that says social media sites like FB can share news articles without having to pay for the content if it is related to an ongoing emergency?

If not, then something along those lines might be a sensible compromise here.

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Desert Tortoise

Today 09:10 am JST

Desert Tortoise

Today 09:22 am JST

Try reading the two countries laws and you will notice a big difference!

The Australian one called for making deals and that was what they did.

The social media companies cut off Austrian news until they came to a deal with each large news corporation.

The small news companies are complaining because they haven't the power to make deals and are still cut out!

Returning the news monopoly to the large corporations.

The Canadian laws is totally different, it as usual legislates the conditions across the board.

It is soon badly written that there is no way any company like Meta would accept it.

FB provides these news outlets with a free business page like anyone else, these news corporations post snippets of their own articles with link on their FB page taking anyone interested directly to their own website. This was free for the news corporations.

Under the new law FB/Meta would have to pay per click/linking, even from these corporations own FB page.

So the news service could post thousands of articles snippets in their own FB page and every time someone goes to read the full article FB would have to pay them !

So they thought they could get free advertising and get paid at the same time.

If FB alone charged for these corporations to have an FB page and for each federal click to the news sites of these companies the value would be over $230 million per year.

The fact that a drop of 50% to 80% in traffic to these news site has happened since FB cut them off tells us that these companies were benefiting considerably and not loosing anything.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

True Dough is the true disaster for Canada. He is just doing his usual cheap brand of opportunistic virtue signaling to cover the plain-as-day fact that he is capable of little else. This joker will go down in history as one of the worst leaders ever to stalk the halls of power. Please Canada, never again!

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He isn't upset about the fire News!

He needs FB to Link back to CBC and have his little group of zealots bombard FB and CBC with how great he is before the upcoming elections.

Already CBC is doing everything it can to attack his opponent and heap praise in Trudeau at every chance it gets,

It becomes had when many Canadians are not going to CBC and it's junk news.

Traffic on CBC is down by 50% since being cut off.

Trudeau depends if fringe groups that he pushes their agenda to inundate FB, etc .. with articles linking back to their fringe websites and push for Trudeau's reelection.

This has been cut off!

The fires are a red herring, if people want to know, the know to go to CTV CBC TV, the know to look on the government emergency website,

And private FB pages saying what is happening in their areas are not affected by the law or FB cutting news.

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

Canadian news is garbage and the CBC is the worst of the lot. The on-air reporter who claimed Russia was behind the thousands of Canadians with legitimate complaints that protested in Ottawa (the EA commissioner said they had legitimate complaints) got a promotion. No where on the planet were people propagandized to during COVID as much as Canadians. People have justifiably lost trust in the entire industry.

When Trudeau issues a press release it is quoted verbatim, for example Trudeau will say the government is "investing" $13 billion in a battery plant and lazy reporters will use that terminology and never call it a subsidy.

Canadian media use tricks like selectively using the word "says" when quoting Trudeau but use the word "claim" when quoting anyone with a different opinion.

Canadians would be very well served if the CBC is defunded and the entire legacy media goes belly up. There are plenty of real journalists on substack.

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As some one who has never had 'facilebook' I have no idea what news they publish, if any. I have no social media platforms and never will have, all the news I want I get from reading online papers from around the world, like this one. I read about 7/8 every day from different countries, but never from the USA.

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Today 12:31 pm JST

As some one who has never had 'facilebook' I have no idea what news they publish, if any. I have no social media platforms and never will have, all the news I want I get from reading online papers from around the world, like this one

How do you find those online news sites?

How do you find articles?

More than likely by using Google search engine or similar.

Now read the article again.

This law does not only affect FB but will include Google.

The difference at this time is that META chose to implement blocking before the laws actually takes effect.

Once the law is in effect Google, etc..will also be blocking Canadian news on its sites and search engine.

So if in Canada you search for news on the wildfire your results will exclude all Canadian news publications and may only contain links to other non Canadian news sites.

This is the problem with the law, why should Google pay CBC for their website showing up in a search and if you click on the result going to CBC's site Google would have to pay CBC.

Imagine you are searching for a car part and a list of companies is generated, and google had to pay the car parts company if you click and go to their site !

This is the only industry (Legacy media) in the world asking for such a strange privilege.

-5 ( +0 / -5 )

Here is a great example of why Canada does not need these legacy and they should all be forced into bankruptcy. The deputy PM and Finance Minister claimed within the last couple of weeks she she doesn't own a car but takes the subway or bicycles to her office every day in Toronto. It took a reporter from outside legacy media to report that she has a taxpayer funded car and driver.

Today, she has been charged criminally with excessive speed (not speeding) for driving over 142 km/hr in a 100 km/hr zone; 42 kms over results in the criminal charge. Not one legacy media operation (hello CBC) has reported it.

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Canada did what they should have done. Social Media isn't a news outlet, it is gossip. News should never be confused with gossip. Canada can pass more laws which mandate social networks cover the top 25 news stories daily on national, provincial and local levels AND that they must pay 0.00001 per view/click. If the social media sites with over 20K users don't do this, don't allow that company access to Canada.

Both sides can play the game.

Stealing RSS/Atom feeds needs to be compensated. Canada has a history of doing similar things. They added a surcharge to blank CDROM/DVD/Optical media purchases to compensate movie, TV, and music studios for their losses due to Canadians pirating content. When there are 40M individuals paying the tax and those individual don't organize, the govt can get away with it. When there are 10 corporations, they can organize to side-step the law. Just call companies stealing content copyright infringement and sue the offending companies until they license or stop using the content.

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Canada did what they should have done. Social Media isn't a news outlet, it is gossip.

Bingo. This was a good move for Canada; Meta has just proven that they don't give a damn about society, only profits. They are willing to let people die in the pursuit of higher profits.

Canada should gouge them to do business in Canada. Time to make a Facebook tax.

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I think Meta DOES care about society, just put that on the list around #20. #1 on the list is profits. If they can both get profits AND help society, that's good, provided the profits are optimized.

Europe has their huge-tech-company rules going in-force now. It will slowly be required for smaller and smaller companies to follow. Living in the USA, I'm a little jealous. I really wish I could opt-out 100% from any data collection by companies who I don't specifically agree can have that information. I already block, at the network level, most of the big-tech with which I don't have direct financial transactions. Sadly, blocking 100% of google breaks 80% of the web, since all the other web servers are lazy and use google's stuff, selling my privacy without asking. JT does this too with their link to googletagmanager, but they are much, much, much, better than most companies.

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