Sunak says UK's 'golden era' with China is over

By David Milliken

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Westerners cannot assimilate the idea that an Asian country is more powerful than all of Europe combined..

The golden era with China for the west were when the country was only conformed by armies of farmers and manufacturers with low wages and poor standard of living, in which the west felt superior and prosperous..

Now they don't like that China has surpassed them and is producing, technology, satellites, high speed trains, superconductors, rail guns and megacities..

"Ohhh, the golden era is dead".. Pathetic.. LOOOOOOL !!

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That's OK, under Sunak I am sure the UK will move towards a global order along with Macron and Justin parroting propaganda from unelected officials.

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Sunak says UK's 'golden era' with China is over

I think you can omit the part 'with China'. That would sound more accurate. Those who are in the UK now will know the whole country is on strike - the railway workers, the tube workers, postal workers, nurses. This, on top of higher fuel and food prices. Some people seem to think the Empire is still going strong.

Westerners cannot assimilate the idea that an Asian country is more powerful than all of Europe combined..

Yeah, too right. The Yellow Peril racism never disappeared. Japan was once that country, an economic rival to USA, until its economy was sunk by USA's Plaza Accord. The Japanese should don't mind, but China is not going to put up with these imperialistic, colonial shenanigans from the west.

Sunak was practically the only one which didn't get a meeting with Xi recently. All the others, including Biden, got one. And Trudeau got a special one-on-one scolding on live TV. No wonder Sunak and Trudeau are in love with one another - both cringeworthy.

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Now that the UK is out of the EU, I doubt China care what Sunak thinks. They know he will be gone from politics in two years, spending more time with his bank account.

The UK doesn't make anything any more, and quite a bit of the food we grow rots in the ground as the Tories have blocked migrant farm labour. When the Tories wreck equivalency laws as the final act of Brexit, UK shops and online stores will empty of stock.

Announcing billions for foreign nations when people will be cold and hungry in the UK this winter will alienate the electorate further from his rancid, toxic and destructive party.

£2.3bn to Ukraine? Waste of money. A £1m contract would have seen Putin bumped off by the Russian mafia or similar months ago.

Politics is theatre - the control and manipulation of the many by the few.

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That's funny, because China says UK's 'golden era' is over.

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"Ohhh, the golden era is dead"..

yes, China’s golden era is dead.

China is staring down the maw of a deindustrialization process and, likely, at least in part, a “de-civilizational” process.


yes, your admiration of these regimes sure is

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The UK is well on the way to becoming the first of the G7 to have to admit it has become a '3rd world country' and that's all on half a century of UK government decisions.

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The Government of China trade policy is inherently unfair.  In a 2021 review at the WTO clear evidence of  "unfair trade practices"

To quote "China has increasingly tested global trade rules and norms by engaging in practices that are inconsistent with its WTO commitments"

The Government of China use of enforced labour, the promises of reinforcing intellectual property protection with legislation, judicial sanction, thus fulling an obligation on transparency is meaningless.

All amounting to nothing.

The Chinese government has a proven track record of undermining any rules-based global trading system.

Again, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak just waffles and tip toes around, walking on cornflakes, in many respects in denial of China use of industrial subsidies.

Jeremy Hunt is a threat to UK business with his past ties to the Government of China

IP, intellectual property theft proves China has shown no intention to change. 

The free world, global community cannot do business with the government of China.

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UK premier says UK's 'golden era' with China is over:

When was the 'golden era'? What was it?

Something out of the blue.

There has not been any close or cordial relationship between China & UK for past 3 decades, notably after the return of Hong Kong to China.

China can just ignore a shrinking US-led UK..

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There was no such thing. China knows Germany is the one that matters in Europe. And it's doubtful Germary would leave Chinese market

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