Prince Andrew faces more disgrace as business backers leave


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Any chance that Prince Paedo could be done for statutory rape in the US? And just where is Ghislaine Maxwell? She seems to have fallen down the same black hole as Sergei and Yulia Skripal.....

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Here is what he doesn't get. The public doesn't want to hear that "conduct unbecoming" twaddle. It's pure class signaling and it impresses no one. What the public wanted to hear was "when I found out he'd been trafficking and using young girls for sex, I was disgusted and wanted nothing further to do with him." But he couldn't say that, because he maintained the friendship. So the best thing he could have done was keep his sorry mouth shut.

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clinical questioning by the BBC’s Emily Maitlis

Brilliantly done. Hats off to Ms Maitlis. Her interview challenging a member of the ruling class, a putative 'royal', was another example of the importance of the role of media in maintaining democracies.


Pizzagate is another example of failed attempts by one of the global rightwing troll armies, in this case Russia's Internet Research Agency, to spread malicious lies intended to further undermine the remaining bits of 'western' democracies.

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Agreed about the BBC journalist who interviewed the prince (he doesn't deserve a capital letter). She was surgical. Andrew was left sputtering, gasping, and blinking- all signs of deception and nervousness. I would love to see a professional body language analyst do a review of the interview.

I loved his answer that Epstein's house was "a convenient place to stay"... as if a prince can't afford a hotel room, so he has to resort to couch surfing with a friend! Also, he was "too honorable" to simply break contact with Epstein by mail, he had to do it in person. What a load. He came across perfectly as what he is- a pompous scrounger with little empathy for anyone other than himself.

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Randy Andy after his car crash interview has been given permission from the queen, to stand down from public and royal duties. Done and dusted playboy.

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Apart from doing the right things for the teenagers whom he had sex with over the years, Prince Andrew should ask for forgiveness from British Royal fans around the world for shattering their fairy world.

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Didn't Prince Andrew's former wife, Fergie, claim (maybe in her book) that Andrew was a pedophile?

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So you are saying he is going to get away with it.

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The age of consent in the UK is 16 years.

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Despite Prince Andrew knowingly knew what was happening, reading the interviews with the so called victims most if not all of them went back again and again that show us they were willing participants.

Wow, this is revolting.

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So what if he had sex with this 17 year old Girl... did he know that she was 17 ? She was at a Willingly at a Party where you'd not normally expect underage Girls to be present, and from the Photo seemed to be having a "Good Time", yet why was she there even ? Her Parents allowed her ? I bet at the time, and afterwards, she had no complaints, but now... there's a buck in it for her to take down some Rich Dude, so US Lawyers are falling over themselves to represent her and push this claim forward. Why can't people see through this modern day fad ?!

Welcome to the Modern World in the US. If you become Wealthy, and of note, then watch out, for your Past may be spin doctored against you.

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Epstein, Pizzagate, that BBC perv and now this.

The Swamp is really rotten.

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Despite Prince Andrew knowingly knew what was happening, reading the interviews with the so called victims most if not all of them went back again and again that show us they were willing participants.

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