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Prince Charles compares Putin to Hitler


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Burning BushMay. 21, 2014 - 07:37PM JST Comparing what Hitler did with the Holocaust to the annexation of Crimea in which nobody died makes light of the Genocide that the Nazis committed.

Many other things happened before the Holocaust. The annexation Rhineland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland.

Maybe that's what he is talking about........History is a great teacher.

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He means pre-Holocaust Hitler of course (i.e. creating new arbitrary rules, persecuting minorities, and claiming new territory) but Charles, like his father who has said some shockingly politically incorrect things, as the future king of England shouldn't really be making such comments.

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Tens of thousands of tartars in Crimea had a mass protest to commemorate Russia's ethnic cleansing under Stalin. The government responded by banning mass protests and Russia flew helicopters low over the crowds to prevent any speeches from being heard.

Those who benefited from the ethnic cleansing were seen enjoying coffee on street corners.

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The prince’s office, Clarence House, said in a statement: “We do not comment on private conversations.

In stark contrast to this woman, who, desperate it would appear for her 15 minutes of fame, ran straight to the newspapers to report what Charles had said to her privately.

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Oh well, so much for Charles' next vacation to Siberia.

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The crook Putin shares many attributes with Hitler and Charles was not wrong to compare them. Putin is intolerant, vindictive, sees Russians as somehow superior to other races and looks to expand the borders of Russia by military force.

There are far more similarities between Hitler and Putin than there are differences.

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Putin certainly made a speech saying that minorities in Russia should learn to speak Russian and respect Russian law, but did he actually say they're "unacceptable"?

I don't remember that. Got a link?

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This is why many of us want the Queen to live for at least another thirty years.

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+1 Scrote. Putin has also made speeches in the Russian Duma stating that "minorities are not acceptable in Russia." The guy is a modern-day Hitler - Charles has called it spot on. Which sovereign territory will he annex next?

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It is not a public statement and thus has no weight at all.

Maybe Ferguson has an agenda?

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It's always a dope move to compare someone to Hitler.

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He is right, of course.

I must say I enjoy when these officials drop their masks for a moment and display tru, honest human feelings. Makes me respect them so much more.

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He's never been the brightest light in the harbour, often prattling on about subjects he has little knowledge of but is listened to because of who he is. The Russians should be smart enough to know this.

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President Putin is responsible for deepening crisis in Ukraine, however comparisons to Hitler or Nazi Germany from Prince Charles on an official function at a Nova Scotia immigration museum, is going to offend ordinary Russian people, over 25,000,000 Soviet soldiers and civilians perished during WWII. President Putin will be attending the 6th of June 70th anniversary D Day landings.

I don't hold the views of a republican, I think the British Monarchy must rise above geo-political confrontation, a realm we have diplomats and our elected representatives to mishandle.

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Those who benefited from the ethnic cleansing were seen enjoying coffee on street corners.

Plus a few military that on "business trip". Just like in Vienna in March 1938. Burning Bush, you say what ?

for her 15 minutes of fame

Charles has had 65 yrs of fame with no more added value. And the difference is this lady talks for herself, she is accountable for it and not pulling a whole nation into diplomatic troubles.


The bedroom videos of his son were private, OK. Here, that was Charles' official performance. The conversation was not filmed for TV broadcast, but that was still in public, in a public place... What do they find private ? Private lack of sense ?

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Comparing what Hitler did with the Holocaust to the annexation of Crimea in which nobody died makes light of the Genocide that the Nazis committed.

The people in Crimea are enjoying coffee on street corners and are alive and well. The same can't be said of Hitler's victims.

Time for a reality check folks.

Burning Bush -- yup, and maybe it is you who should look at the "reality". In case you missed it, during this crisis, Jews in Crimea were told to register or be subject to punishment, and the Jewish community is very leary of the ultra-nationalist leanings of many of the new leaders there. All of which Putin has just conveniently ignored. In fact, you could argue he has encouraged it.

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It is not a public statement and thus has no weight at all.

But maybe Russia does not see it that way. They want an explanation.

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Forty-five years in the job and he still hasn't got the hang of it. Tax-thief.

Maybe Ferguson has an agenda?

More likely after the prince moved on to his next chat, some member of the royal press corps sidled up and casually asked, 'What did you talk about?'

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Did he compare the people or the actions?

I would guess the comparison is between their actions on Crimea and the Sudetenland, but in both cases the annexation was correct because the majorities there wanted it. The thing you have to keep in mind is that neither Hitler nor Putin acted out of kind-heartedness. They are just doing the right thing to gain support for doing the wrong things elsewhere.

But you got to be a fool to think its about the Holocaust or an invasion of Poland or something. You also have to bear in mind how much territory Russia has lost in the last 23 years. These little scraps here and there are nothing compared to the loss of Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, etc. Considering what Russia has lost, what they seek to gain is peanuts. Not quite on the level of the Nazis.

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“The prince then said: ‘And now Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler.’ I must say that I agree with him and am sure a lot of people do.

“I was very surprised that he made the comment as I know they (the royal family) aren’t meant to say these things, but it was very heartfelt and honest.”

Controversial for sure.

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And he said it as if he thought that was a bad thing ? That's not obvious in his family...

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It's the usual suspect, along with the Princes customary appalling timing, 6th June is the 70th anniversary commemorating D-Day and Normandy landings with Allied Heads of State.

Let's hope Vladimir Putin legendary Cossack sense of humour prevails, after all the Russian President whilst on Safari, saved the lives of an entire TV Crew, on horseback striped to the waist, President Putin fells the charging Tiger with a single shot, then quicker than you say 'me Tarzan, you Jane' tags the beast. The Russian President has probably via diplomatic communiqué reminding the Prince what life in England was like for King Charles I under Oliver Cromwell.

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A worthy descendant of Neville Chamberlain and his ilk.

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