Prince Harry's lawyers say he feels unsafe bringing kids to UK


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Spoiled twit.

You made your decision to quit. Live with it and stop whining.

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The Prince and the Perk (he's no longer paid). It's sure to be a painful learning curve, but VIP Harry has now become a provisional member of our club of common mortals with different duties and must quickly get used to living dangerously with the "perk" of a private life. Like the rest of us he can always call the cops. Let's wish him and his family a happy life of anonymity and a safe future.

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Prince Andrew must be laughing, he has a massive security detail.

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He does.

But you have to wonder who they’re there to protect ; )

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Simple silly m Harry. Well broke down in the YouTube vid:

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No one cares about you or your wife Harry.

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I like Harry and the Queen, the rest I have little time for.

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He wanted to be a normal citizen. Got it. He is. But he wants special treatment too? When everyone else travels overseas, we look at security considerations and take any necessary steps. Had an overnight layover in a very dangerous city and decided to get a very expensive hotel that was tied to the airport to avoid kidnapping in a taxi. It probably would have been fine, but after 20 hrs of travel, I knew we wouldn't be mentally sharp. The next morning, we caught a flight to our final destination. Learned that another traveler HAD been kidnapped from the airport the prior day.

In the UK, I suspect Harry is worried about his kids being photographed 10,000x a day and car chases in the streets like happened to his mother. There is a simple solution. Leave the kids home or have a royal family member come for the trip, so they can stay in one of the protected residences. It isn't like Harry will be out doing the pub crawl, worried about being knifed, right? OTOH, he probably misses the night life. Santa Barbara isn't exactly known as a night-life mecca.

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