Prince Harry says UK royal household plays 'dirty game' by leaking stories

By Michael Holden

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Keen-eyed viewers have already spotted photos used in the programme that were taken out of context, from a press event for a film years ago that Harry was not even present at, long before he met Meghan, and from approved 'official photoshoots' that are now suddenly intrusive.

It's just going to be more of the same lies, prototruths, and 'varied recollections' that they were spouting during the Oprah interview.

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The War of the Wales.

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didn't these two nincompoops run away to America to escape the limelight & lead a quieter life ?

All they’ve done there is do interviews & go on tv shows, to backstab his family. Harry needs to dump that witch before it’s too late

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Harry needs to dump that witch

Seems to me they were made for each other.

I always thought that apart from (or possibly because of?) being the spare, Harry was a bit 'lost', a bit of a dimwit, an eternal adolescent in an adult body. A bit sad. Cue naked parties, nazi dress-up, drunken partying, brawls outside nightclubs.

But I lost what little sympathy I had for him when he whined to Oprah that Charles had 'literally cut me off financially” after he and his wife stepped down as senior royals. What 30-something seriously thinks Daddy owes him a living for doing nothing?

And he's still looking for someone to give him money for doing nothing.

Grow up, Harry.

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This pair of royal dissidents chose to leave the family, ok, they might have had good reason to, but they are happy to still make money of them. And do not forget, they also chose to go on Oprah's show who created the dual fame of a pair of charlatans Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Phil McGraw, the snake oil sellers. What an unholy alliance.

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Gotta say, that is an amazingly unflattering picture of Meggs. Strange head shape, rictus grin, exposing the surgery marks from her facelifts... Harry's growing bald spot is also prominent. They were made for each other.

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Inside the Royal Household, those entrenched Buckingham palace royal courtiers have proven to be an ill match when faced with the scheming Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan “we know the truth” Markel, aided by a close circle of wealthy powerful media savvy friends, are allegedly about to deliver the King Charles III, queen consort Camilla, the Prince and Princess of Wales in fact any Royal one could wave a stick at, a public beasting to end all public beastings.

Like or loathe her, Meghan Markel is calculating, wily and devious.

Underestimated from the off, I have a somewhat grudging respect for her, if it was not the manner her ruthless behaviour were directed at her own family  

Prince Harry behaves like a deliquent puppy in her presence. A lap dog is an understatement.    

Netflix will be on hand with wheelbarrow loads of filthy lucre as recompense.

There were days when Dukes would, when faced with acrimony, humiliation wounding their dignity and pride assemble their armies on the battlefield, or duel to the death.

No more.

That honour has now been replaced by social media, and global streaming events.

No good will come of this, only two silly boys, drenched in privilege, publicly dishonouring there late Mothers name legacy

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Right time to abolish the monarchy and send them all packing. They can open a theme park.

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Right time to abolish the monarchy

not gonna happen, so get over it

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There's really no need to plant any stories about these two grifters; the reality is hideous enough.

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   Right time to abolish the monarchy

> not gonna happen, so get over it

I am a Brit and I don't need to get over anything. The popular support for the monarch is falling especially since the death of the queen.

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The Monarchy has a roll to play in society more than ever.

It is important to understand nationally wallace skepticism, privilege has a pong, the unpleasant whiff of entitlement.

However the alternative, politically could present far worst with the quality of the UK so called political elite.

At present better the devil you know.

King Charles III is probably the most progressive Monarch for many generations.

However the fruits of his marriage to Diana Spenser, two sons, and his betrayal of his oath with Camilla, the subsequent tragic death of Princess Diana, could well spell the devastating reality that time has finally caught up with his infidelity, aided by 21st century media.

Duty equals sacrifice, no cake and eat it,

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It works both ways, his Wife, is someone he has to agree with, and sometimes abide to. She has their hand in their finances these days - so he's caught between a Rock and a Hard place.

The Monarchy in the UK, are I have to assume, just like the majority of the "Upper" classes, they look down upon us all, however, that does not give the right of an upstart colored person, to try and take them down, and destroy the fabric of the British Lifestyle, just in order to make themselves look good. Especially when that person dresses up in African clothing, and can't actually relate to them - where is the Racism in that ? More like making a mockery of Traditional Wear without being proud of it.... shame upon her. She is, ultimately the Racist here.

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Today 04:06 pm JST

Right time to abolish the monarchy and send them all packing. They can open a theme park.

Britain can still have a monarchy without this silly royal family media circus. The public just needs not to buy the books, watch the stuff on Netflix or click on articles like... well, this one that I've clicked on. The media might learn to start focusing on people who are actually consequential, as opposed to an actress I'd never heard of and an overgrown adolescent who's never going to be a figurehead king.

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Simon Foston

I have opposed having a monarchy for more than 50 years. 40% now oppose.

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an upstart colored person

A what? Sounds like someone is channeling the spirit of Prince Phillip. A Nigel Farage shot with a Daily Mail chaser.

I’d probably take Harry and Meghan over the rest of them.

Cheaper for the taxpayer.

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wallaceDec. 6  11:17 pm JST

Simon Foston

I have opposed having a monarchy for more than 50 years. 40% now oppose.

If the sovereign stays out of the legistlative process, and if the alternative is an elected figurehead with a similarly linited role, I really see the whole issue as a bit of a distraction. If anything is going to be done about the constitution I would rather they started with the House of Commons and fixed the electoral system that allows for a party that doesn't win a majority in the popular vote to get a majority of the seats. I'd rather have a powerless king that no one voted for than an all-powerful government that most people didnt vote for.

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