Prince Harry sues UK tabloids over 'phone hacking'


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"We will call out their hypocrisy when merited. And stories about Meghan's controversial family are justified.

We commenters had a bit of a discussion on JT the other day about which UK tabloid was the trashiest one of all. I'm willing to concede that title to The Sun.

"precious... simply need a thicker skin."

Probably what they and their brothers in arms said about Diana just after they chased her into that tunnel in Paris.

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I have zero sympathy for Harry or anyone who would marry such a rich and powerful person who supported and joined such a needless, contrived and totally immoral war. Harry is a stain on his mother's legacy. But Britain does need to do like France and just make it illegal for tabloids to detail the private lives of famous people. The people don't need to know any of that.

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The day he and his inter-related family stop taking public money is the day they can be free from public scrutiny!

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He's a UK royal on whom hundreds of paparazzi depend upon for their livelihoods. How dare he think he has a right to privacy!

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The tabloids cite public interest as an excuse, but this action is about papers using illegal acts to obtain information. Again.

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Harry has previously criticised the "racial undertones of comment pieces" about Meghan, a mixed-race US actress whom he married last year.

I hope she can survive this; seems like a decent woman. She has allot for them to target; US citizen, mixed raced, divorced, ....

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