Prince William's wife Kate gives birth to a girl


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Excellent news. Congratulations to Kate and William.

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Great! Some people owe me money now ....

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Very happy. Welcome...Alice?

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They'll be delighted over at Tory HQ. A suspiciously well-timed bit of flag-waving going into election week.

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Welcome to this world, little Princess. May your life be happy and full of love.

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'Welcome to this world, little Princess'

Every child should be welcomed to the world without facing the risk of dying because of lack of food or clean drinking water. Celebrating the birth of a child born into unearned, unimaginable privilege should give pause for thought. I find the whole thing offensive and obscene.

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I find the whole thing offensive and obscene.

Wow, what a bitter person you must be.

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Wow, what a bitter person you must be.

Some people, perhaps not Jimizo himself, have every reason to be bitter about life in the UK. How do you think a couple raising three kids on a zero-hours contract at the local supermarket feel about this royal birth?

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They'll be delighted over at Tory HQ.

I'm sure you're right. But it's a bit strange considering the party's general attitude to immigrant families sponging UL welfare. Anyway, I hope the baby is healthy along with all others born today.

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Wow, what a bitter person you must be.

All the by-products of socialism. Bitterness. Envy. The equal, forced sharing of misery.

That sais I've been at a race track in France all weekend and they played the British national anthem to honour the occasion. The French seem to like our royals more than we do.

Still, how uncharitable can you be to be whining about the birth of a child?

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I've just watched footage of them emerging from the hospital with the little one. The royal couple looked extremely happy to have a daughter ... Japan could learn a thing or two.

Oooh, I'm feeling broody!

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congratulation for the new baby girl

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@Madverts Aren't you the person who loves to post attacks on those living off the state? Maybe I'm mistaken.

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Congratulations to all concerned! Despite the nasty rants by a few embittered republicans, the vast majority of Britons welcome the royal baby .

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