Pro-Gadhafi forces fight rebels in 2 cities


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The Comeback Kid. He may yet win this civil war.

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Yes, it will be amusing if Gadhafi pulls this off and retakes the country. It will also put egg all over the incompetent Obama administration and the more inept American mass media.

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Yes, Berbert61, as world overlord, Obama (and what, Anderson Cooper?) has sole responsibility for events in Libya and elsewhere. Certainly, Europe and other places/agencies have absolutely zero influence on these events, eh?

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Weird posts Mittsu and Berber61.

You do realize that people's lives are involved here and that the will of a people is in danger of being crushed by a tyrannt. Right?

Berber61. No idea where to begin with you. Bizarre comment. So let me get this straight. Obama is the evil mastermind behind everything including the outcome in Libya? Right?!?!?! Like conspiracy theories much?

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Who can you Call Libya,to bust the war ???

Ghosbusters or United Nations or Gadhafi's African Union or ????? , to be Warbusters???

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President Obama should not listen to the Hawks and use his own brain for a change - America and the EU should mind their own business and not to consider any kind of military interference in Libya - in the long run a military action may be the biggest strategic mistake ever and any further military actions in the Arab and Islamic countries are "Unacceptable".

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"My people love me. They would die for me."

They don't love him, but they are dying, not for him, but because of him. NHK just said he is paying these foreign fighters the equivalent of 160,000 yen per day, lol.

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Since Libya has oil I think the globalists will try to take Libya by force if Gadhafi displaces the rebels.

Egypt will come down to food. -A waiting game for the globalists.

Globalists are getting their fiat money attacked by the metal (gold/silver/copper) smurfs and real asset horders. And the urban/organic farmers are starting to make a move against the commercial farming/GMO interests. People are starting to fight against the social/financial/health tyranny and control grids.

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NHK just said he is paying these foreign fighters the equivalent of 160,000 yen per day

Per day now? And what about benefits?

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You already had US/French special forces land on Feb 23/24 so the battle to separate the country and the oil is underway now.

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