Pro-Russian hackers spread hoaxes to divide Ukraine, allies


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You don’t say

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Haha they’re here.

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Their is no law protecting people from being gullible

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claim that the U.S. was running secret bioweapon

More lies from the west. The bio labs are real and reluctantly confirmed by USA secretary of State Victoria Nuland who tried to make light of it.

Russia has all the evidence including documentation of which countries involved including paper trails of all monies provided in running them.

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Maybe there weren’t gangs waiting to harvest children’s organs but there were certainly gangs looking out for vulnerable women to press them into prostitution.

It seems fact and fiction can sometimes meet halfway…

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and propaganda must go on.

wondering who can believe to this..."art of talk"

all who supports war on Ukraine should feel shame .all incl media spreading war propaganda,hate and xenophobia.feel sorry abt everyday people as victims of games of some politicians and to be manipuated by media and cenrsorhips.

when UA will be able finally to start talk about peace and ow to end this conflict?or its better send piles of freshly printed money to UA blackhole for nothing?

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Ukraine figures should be questioned, whether you like Russia,they are steady dismantling Ukraine,they have destroyed all industrial output in Ukraine, Ukraine economy is in a free fall

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criminal gangs were waiting to harvest the organs of child refugees.

Sounds like the same people who convinced some of America's intellectually vulnerable that there are pizza parlors run by alien reptiles selling children to pedo-cannibals.

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Eastman - when the invaders leave Ukrainian soil, then we can talk peace.

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certainly gangs looking out for vulnerable women to press them into prostitution.

For examples of Russian gangs doing that, go to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, perhaps Cyprus, among other places.

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Russian hackers and hoaxes about the country they violently invaded. Dishonest people, aren’t they?

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Most Americans have live with a free press,lots of American have delusional,even at the Presidential level

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Most Americans cannot find Ukraine on map,and do realize Ukrainian are fighting against other Ukrainian,and Russian Federation,and Ukraine is mad, because they got rejected by NATO and the EU,why would you want to be a member of an organization,that do not want as a member

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notice the narrative change?

it used to be Russian hackers. now its "pro Russian" hackers.

so it doesnt even have to be Russia anymore- just anyone who dares to communicate against the mainstream narratives.

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Pro-Russian hackers spread hoaxes to divide Ukraine & allies:

Nothing to be alarmed. Such usual unscrupulous tactics have been used all the time, let alone war time.

Disinformation, rumor & propaganda constitute an ugly verbose weapon aimed at defaming certain nations/people..

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a hacking group aligned with the Kremlin

what does “aligned”mean?

The Organ harvesting goes on in China.

get Tor and go to the dark web. Libya, (after the NATO destruction) has 100x more links than the previous champion India. It is also conveniently close to EU. Not so many from China so please give me your sources.

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I had a feeling the comment section on this one would provide a lot of evidence that seems to confirm what the article is talking about and as expected it does not disappoint.

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Pro-Russian hackers and some idiot right-wing Americans spread hoaxes to divide Ukraine & allies:

Fixed that for you.

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a hacking group aligned with the Kremlin

what does “aligned”mean?

It means they are spreading stories that originate with the Russian government and / or conducting hacks of western IT sites at under the guidance of and at the direction of the Russian government. Using proxies like these groups instead of conducting hacking directly from government servers allows the Russians a degree of deniability. The Chinese do not even bother with that, they hack directly from Chinese military servers and pretty much all the cyber security firms can identify who they are even to the point of naming individual PLA members who got sloppy on social media and revealed things that allowed Fireeye for example to identify members of Advanced Persistent Threat 1 or APT1 by name. Same with the Russian hackers, various cyber security firms know who they are, know their malicious code and understand many of their exploits, but they are ostensibly "private parties" working from their own computers and not government employees working from a government facility, but their acts are coordinated with the Russian government and conducted with the governments blessing. The Russians for their part deny it all and never arrest them. The money earned in their ransomware attacks are their "wages" for working for the Russian government.

Do some reading about groups like APT1, the WINNTI Group, the CONTI ransomware gang, UNC1151, RedBanditsRU, CoomingProject and others who work in cooperation of their host nation government. ATP1 was actually a unit of the PLA based in the Pudong area of Shanghai. Learn who cyber security firms like Fireeye and  Cybereason Nocturnus Incident Response Team are and what their research has revealed.

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What is interesting is that there are western aligned hacking groups that are now attacking Russian sites in a coordinated way. There is a war going on between Russian and western hackers. It is just off the hinge.

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Those were Polish gangs waiting just inside the border not Russian

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My Roomba suddenly started speaking Russian last week.

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