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Prosecutors investigate deadly St. Louis shooting by police


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If the young man was shot in the back it is highly unlikely that he was pointing a gun at the cops when they shot him. It is highly likely the cops murdered the boy in cold blood and lied. That, anyway, is what the official autopsy is pointing to now.

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Killings always need to be investigated, police are not above the law. But as usually is the case police killings are justified. Investigate to keep them honest.

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Justified or excused?

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Non are excused despite what American media wants you to believe.

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That is contrary to the facts, Mark. Search the web and see for yourself. Or I can document cases if you'd like. You can begin with Michael Brown and work your way through the year.

In this case, Mark, it is all but absolutely clear that the police are lying. They said he was pointing a gun at them. He was shot in the back. in the back, turned away from the cops. It is highly unlikely the young man would be pointing a gun from the back, unless he had a set of eye at the back of his head. All this is based on an official autopsy. Do I need to rub it in your face?

I note that all the previous anti-black bigots who addressed this issue the other day aree conspicuously absent today. It's Sunday and maybe they're in church.

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Read. The. Article. The two cops that shot were on opposite sides. Regardless of which one he aimed his firearm at, he would have his back turned to one of them. In that scenario, shooting the suspect, in the back or not, would be wholly justified. This case boils down to the simple question: Did the suspect aim a gun at the police? No evidence thus far has contradicted the police account.

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You read the rest of the article. It is likely the young man was unarmed. There is no mention of the police prying a gun from the dead young man's hand.

Also, why didn't the cop facing the young man shoot him? Picture it. The young man has a gun and is facing the cop who also has a gun. What does the cop do? Does he call out to the other cop to shoot the young man in the back because the young man is pointing a gun at him? Before the autopsy we only heard the young man was pointing a gun at the cops. Only after the autopsy do we hear this story.

No evidence contradicts the police report? So why this: "Chief Sam Dotson said at a news conference Friday that he could not yet conclude whether the shooting of Ball-Bey was justified because the facts were still developing and urged the public to withhold judgment." That's the cops' boss.

Fine. Withhold judgement. But does the police post-autopsy report smell of bad fiction? And where is Ball-Bey's gun?

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The shooting on Wednesday set off an evening of violent outcry, with authorities saying at least nine people were arrested and property damaged.

The question I have is why are there no protests regarding the St. Louis, particularly East St. Louis,homicide rate? St. Louis is tops in the entire country and had 20 murders in July alone. Those 20 lives matter too.

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"She believes the demonstrators are marching for the wrong people. She says they should be standing up for innocent victims killed every night in the streets of St. Louis.

According to our St. Louis affiliate, a 9-year-old girl was shot and killed on Tuesday night while doing homework on her mother’s bed. On Wednesday night protesters took to the streets to march for an 18-year-old shot and killed by police."

Maybe someone needs to tell blacks that black lives matter. They kill over 93% of all blacks murdered. A big % of those have a long record. It is criminal negligence allowing these people out in the street to keep committing mayhem.

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Last two posters are off topic and off the point. The deflect attention from the issue at hand. Was this another police murder or not?

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Was this another police murder or not?

By using 'another police murder', your question reveals your prejudice. The question is whether the victim was unlawfully killed by police officers.

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Are there police murders and cover ups in the USA and all over the world? As Kabukilover points out, this is very sad fact, but as Lizz also points out, most Black being killed night and day in the USA, even a poor little 9 year old girl doing HER HOMEWORK on her own mom's BED, and gets shot to death, in just insane! We should be angry at racist police but also African Americans can go on protesting night and day, but this will NOT get to the root of the matter of the violence and overwhelming APATHY and lack of hope in most Black communities in the USA.

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If you were unlawful killed, above reader, you would have been murdered, if the killing was deliberate.

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Every time I have seen a police shooting in America become international news, I start digging and I find serious holes and problems with the police version of events, and that includes the Michael Brown case. I am not saying the shot were innocent, but I can't remember any deserving of summary execution even if guilty. But every time I remember, the police were over aggressive, over zealous, or trigger happy. I don't about this case yet, but past experience considered, I am taking all information with grain of salt.

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Police weather you support them or not do have a difficult job when in high crime areas. Everyday while on the job has risk. Yes, police are shot also in case you forgot.

Reminder: the Michael Brown shooting was ruled justifiable and the news media reporting the hands up reports are proof they report garbage. The investigation was from the Department of Justice run by then Eric Holder who wanted to rule a racially driven shooting. Well they were wrong, just like the irresponsible mainstream US news media.

I prefer to put the horse in font of the cart. Somehow many others don't see the rational sense in proceeding that way.

This shooting in my mind is justifiable until proven otherwise. Wasn't it a few weeks ago accusations were made on the woman who died in police custody were completely fabricated.

When will you learn? Police do a job protecting the people, black, Asian, Hispanic, Jewish, Muslim! On occasion one may step out of bounds doing so but they are rare. Just as a doctor may perform an unnecessary procedur. It happens, not enough to be overly concerned though.

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This is to say the dead person is guilty until proven innocent, which does him no good because he is already dead.

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But that's impossible KL. his death was a result. What events precisely unfolded are under investigation.

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Police do a job protecting the people, black, Asian, Hispanic, Jewish, Muslim!

Some people work overtime excusing the American police no matter how much their over-bearing self-righteous attitudes and over-zealousness serve to inject tension into even the most mundane of police situations.

Reminder: the Michael Brown shooting was ruled justifiable

Yeah. In America. Another place I kind of think the aggressive actions of the officer before he even considered Brown a suspect in anything would be taken into consideration. He actually yelled at people to stop walking on an empty street in broad daylight and backed up his police car to further berate them when they didn't comply. Why not just walk around poking his nightstick at random people? Yeah. That should keep America peaceful! NOT! American police need to learn how to defuse situations and be held accountable for utterly failing to even try. Instead they seem to purposely create situations for the joy of it. Watch one episode of COPS and its easy to see. A whole lot of bravado and "make my day punk".

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