Protesters in Ecuador attack military, police convoy


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Like other nations that has opened their door to China. This is what they reap. Sri Lanka, DRC, Pakistan...

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USA has lost South America.

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The problem stems from neither China nor the US but rather from measures taken by their President to meet the terms of an IMF loan. Protests began on October 3 when President Lenin Moreno cut fuel subsidies that had been in place in the country for 40 years. The cuts saw the price of diesel more than double and that of gasoline increase by 30 percent, overnight. The government also released a series of labor and tax reforms as part of its belt-tightening measures it was forced to undertake when it agreed to a $4.2 Billion loan with the IMF. Some of the more controversial reforms include a 20 percent cut in wages for new contracts in public sector jobs, a requirement that public sector workers donate one day’s worth of wages to the government each month, and a decrease in vacation days from 30 to 15 days a year.

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USA has lost South America.

One cannot lose what one never had. Why is that not obvious to some? Latin America has always done its own thing. Even the European colonial powers never really controlled it and the US certainly never has.

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