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Protesters storm major hospital in Bangkok


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anti-government protesters who occupy a nearby zone stormed in to hunt for security forces they suspected were positioned there.

shouldn't security forces be the one try to hunt down those break the law? why is that it turn other way around over there?

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A major hospital in the Thai capital evacuated patients and suspended all but emergency surgery Friday after anti-government protesters who occupy a nearby zone stormed in to hunt for security forces they suspected were positioned there.

Sounds like a rip-off script of Christopher NOLAN's The Dark Knight. Can't wait for the jokers' to spit the memorable line... 'Why so serious, son?!'

As for the incumbent gov, the Thai PM might well call for a snap election, to spare Thailand of more embarrassment (and bloodshed)

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Start a new elections fast,the protests will stop. PAD changed PM from wongsawat to abhisit.

So now UDD-Plue thai(former TRT party(thaksin),is doing what People's alliance for Democracy(PAD) did. The Pro thaksin PPP party had won eletions in 2007 with 233 seats. While democrat party won only 165 seats. The constituion court or King,should order for reelections again.

The support for pro-thaksin parties can be seen from elections in 2007 where 233 seats were won by them,while Democrats only won 165 seats. A new election is necessary for better thailand,the sooner the better.

Abhisit say he will have elections in 2011 january,which pro-thaksin parties does want to wait for. They have a big support,they know it,so they are using it ,to change PM like PAD did. PM of Thailand, should win enough seats in next elections to be PM,to be a better PM with support clearly given by a new fresh mandate.

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correction..Abhisit says he will have elections in Jan 2010,which pro thaksin parties , do not want to wait for.

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Another way out of Thai woes,is form a new interim govt for 8 months,and have the elections in Jan 2011.

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Hope that through this crisis Thailand will learn the lesson that NEVER throw out a legal government by force again.

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