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Protesters urge discussion of Hong Kong issues at G20


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As a Brit I feel ashamed that we let this happen.

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Hong Kong activists opposed to contentious extradition legislation on Wednesday called on leaders of the U.S., the European Union and others to raise the issue with Chinese President Xi Jinping at this week's G-20 summit in Japan. [ ...] Groups of protesters gathered outside the U.S. and EU consulates Wednesday morning to deliver petitions stating their requests.

They mean well but appealing to authority will not fix the problem. The people of Hong Kong have the power, not the government. All they need to do is become organised and withdraw support; ie. non compliance. Money is the lifeblood of the economy so if the population stayed home for a day or two and did not spend anything the government would soon go into panic mode and give into their demands. It's peaceful and effective and the police would have no one to fire their tear gas and rubber bullets at. Maybe easier said than done but it's possible.

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” einstein

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The UK should support the people of Hong Kong.

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That is an interesting idea!

And the UK had no choice but to leave Hong Kong.

The UK has little say so internationally to impose any type of sanctions on China.

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kurisupisu; I didn't suggest nor do I recommend relying on the UK government, they're as corrupt as the rest of them. The hierarchical system that we have in place does not support the general population for the most part. And sanctions always hurt the people, not the government.

So relying on big govt or the UN to solve problems like this is a waste of time IMO, but people have been indoctrinated to think that way unfortunately. The individuals in the Hong Kong govt are employees (public servants) of the people they are supposed to represent. But they have abused that authority so a more effective but non-violent approach needs to be taken. See above :)

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Horrific scenes. Hong Kong is now a police state. Dangerous, awful place. The police there are dogs trained to attack citizens protesting for freedom and democracy. This is going to get a lot, lot worse unless the world acts and issues ultimatum to Communist China. Grant democracy to HK, or NO TRADE.

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kurisupisu; just realised you might have been referring to the other posts re the UK. If so then my last comment is a general comment and not to you specifically.

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