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Protests as France debates divisive prostitution bill


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Yes, there is a microscopic line between women who choose to sell their body for cash and those who are coerced or forced to do so by a criminal group and human trafficking. Nasty situation.

I'm not really for prostitution (why pay for what you can get for free?), but should France decide to allow prostitution to be legal, there should be a license and registration for each prostitute that makes sure they're not being forced into the sex industry.

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should France decide to allow prostitution to be legal, there should be a license and registration

Easier said than done. The criminal underworld is far too powerful and has too many connections, hence they can evade easily such restrictions. The "normal" people who use their services, however, are much easier to spot and to control. Once the fine starts biting, deterring possible customers, the scale of human trafficking and exploitation will be reduced by itself. Fewer customers -> less money for crime bosses -> more competition among criminal ogranizations -> fewer pimps.

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As France teeters on the brink of economic collapse along with every other southern European country, isn't it amazing that time is being wasted debating nonsense laws such as these?

Tying to curb prostitution is akin to stopping the sunrise at dawn. It needs to be clean and open, like in Germany or Holland, and ass hole politicians should attempt to spend the few horrendously overpriced hours a week they do actually put in on issues a tad more important than an obligatory alcohol breath test kit and a fluorescent vest in your freaking car...

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