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Protests in Jamaica as William and Kate visit


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Demonstrators gathered Tuesday in Kingston, Jamaica to protest the official visit of Prince William and Kate to the former British colony and demand the monarchy apologise for its role in the slave trade.

Absolutely--an apology is well-overdue.

Britain is responsible for bringing approximately six hundred thousand slaves to Jamaica between 1533 and 1807. Britain had an incredibly long history of slave trading; much more than the US.

Sadly, although the current British school curriculum does acknowledge the slave trade and currently covers a range of topics during Black History Month, these are not covered in great depth or detail,

More needs to be done by the UK.

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Irish rebels were taken in chains on cattle ships and brutally enslaved in the Caribbean by the British also. Though their slavery could end at least. Africans were slaves for life and even their children were. That's absolutely sick. The Royal Family also pinned medals on the chest of British soldiers who murdered innocent people on Bloody Sunday 50 years ago this year. Apologies are not enough for such abuses. Britain should pull out of Ireland and pay reparations for the genocide there and for the Famine, and also pay reparations for slavery of Africans.

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