Pubs to stay shut in many areas of England under virus restrictions


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The government seems to be unable to control the pandemic. Whatever happened to trace and contact.

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Covid patients 'less likely to die than in April'

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Whatever happened to

It's only projected to cost £22,000,000,000.00


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I guess the first lockdown back in April was soooo successful, it only makes sense to do it again /s

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So why does any sane individual want to go to a pub during a pandemic? Or restaurants? Or any kind of crowd? Or travel on airlines? What sort of immaturity drives people to do this? You can't hunker down for a couple of years until the pandemic is finally under control? Are people really that weak and lacking in self restraint? Grow up everyone. The reason the pandemic is lasting so long is your complete lack of self control. Two years of minimum necessary activity is not the end of the world for anyone. Be smart. Be disciplined. Your lack of self control can spread the disease unwittingly and kill others who emphatically don't deserve to die just because you wanted to hoist a pint at the pub.

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@Atillathehungry. The first lockdown was successful. It was the opening up of everything with few restrictions that allowed the virus to run rife again.

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I guess the first lockdown back in April was soooo successful, it only makes sense to do it again /s

So you didn’t bother checking the numbers before posting?

Fair enough, I once went to work with odd shoes on.

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