Putin's aide warns U.S. against pressing for war crimes court


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Russian threats are becoming quite comedic in their hysteria.

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These Russian did not developed psychologically under communist rule,they have the psychological mentality of a teenager

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If the US really wants to have any moral credibility on war crimes, it should allow its own actions in wartime to come under the scrutiny of international tribunals. But the US won’t do that, which makes it look like what it is - a hypocrite.

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You can always tell when Putin and his gang are losing when they crank up the kooky bombast and crazy talk....

They certainly aren't going to talk about all their tanks littering Ukraine with their turrets blown off or their proud flagship resting at the bottom of the Black Sea....

Maybe they can brag about the 1 million new Swedish and Finnish troops added to NATO....nicely done Vlad...

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 while the Russian lower house speaker urged Washington to remember that Alaska used to belong to Russia.


To quote Boney M- Oh those Russians!

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A war crime is a war crime, regardless of which country does it. What matters is the location where the war crime is perpetrated.

Ukraine is not a State Party to the Rome Statute, but it has twice exercised its prerogatives to accept the Court's jurisdiction over alleged crimes under the Rome Statute occurring on its territory, pursuant to article 12(3) of the Statute.

So, it is Ukraine's choice if they want the ICC to hold anyone on their land accountable. It isn't Russia's or the US that makes the choice.

As for Alaska, there are still places with Russian names there, but it is all clearly part of the USA. If Russia attempts to invade, they will lose. The US military will be more concerned about harming wildlife than Russia military.

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Thefu,the victor writes history,even in a tie, nothing is done

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Something to claim back

I wouldn't make fun of Russia anymore.

Unless you think an apocalyptic nuclear war is a joke.

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That’d be like Hitler telling the UN in the spring that f 1945: “Have a heart! I was just interested in spreading good and wholesome German cultural values!”

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He's not wrong: How many Americans have been held accountable for their numerous war crimes since 1945? Were the perpetrators of Agent Orange spraying in Vietnam brought to trial? How about the fir-bombings of Tokyo, the nuclear attacks on Hirsohima and Nagasaki, the carper bombing of Korea from 1950-53, the My Lai massacre in Vietnam? (Actually, I think Lt. Calley, the guy responsible for that slaughter of women and children, ended up doing like a year of house arrest, what a tough punishment)

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The Russian lower house speaker urged Washington to remember that Alaska used to belong to Russia

Of course! Alaska belong to Imperial Russia since not very ancient times, it was that stupid Russian emperor "Alexandra I" sold that part of Russia to America for 7.2 million dollars!

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This guy Medvedev is a real piece of work.

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Thefu,the victor writes history,even in a tie, nothing is done

Only in places with denial. Other places will have a full history/accounting. So, inside Russia, 1 history will be taught, until the Russian people finally are interested in truth more than propaganda and want to ensure their people don't make the same mistakes again. Time tends to make the truth more important.

I'm certain that Russia teaches the history of the USSR very different from how Poland, Ukraine and the Czech Republic teach it.

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The bleating of an old goat that knows its days are numbered.

I’ve asked it before and I’ll ask it again: what is Russia actually gonna do?

Every supposed red line they’ve drawn has been waltzed over like it wasn’t even there. Arming the Ukrainian? Giving them advanced ATGMs and artillery? More NATO members on their doorstep? Yada yada yada. Every one of these things, they’ve threaten the “wrath of god” over and, lo, I haven’t seen much smiting going on. Unless maybe you count all those flipping tank turrets

Nuclear war? I mean, they can’t even handle what they consider a wayward province. And they think a nuclear war is going to end better for them? Its national suicide, that’s not really up for debate. The BEST case scenario is that Russia manages to survive losing a nuclear war in one form or another and rebuilds. Worst case scenario is everything west of the Urals dies.

To act as if this is anything but the desperate bluster of a sagging old KGB orc, who is learning the hard way that he and his nation have fallen devastatingly short of what his own propaganda had led him to believe, would be folly.

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“When they attempt to appropriate our assets abroad, they should be aware that we also have something to claim back,” Volodin said during a meeting with lawmakers.

Alaska isn’t yours anymore. Your great great grandparents sold it to The US. Cry about it if you want, threaten to take it back, sure. But everyone knows it’s all just hot air.

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