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Putin accuses Clinton of instigating protesters


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The dear leader Putin is in his own little world!!

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Clinton?? Sure Putin! What ever you say!

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Putin: "We are the largest nuclear power"


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These are the kind of rocky US -Russia relations that we all saw during the Bush years. Not much change goin on here...

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Classic diversionary tactics. Divert and redirect. This guy does not catapult from KGB/FSB to Premier and presidency by playing clean. Glad to see Russians seeing right thru that ruse.

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When Mr Putin lashes out, there wont goes without consequences! remember those Chechen leaders like Yandabeyev,Abusayev who were in his cross hair

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Russia's Kremlin is becoming more and more like the Chinese Politburo.

It's a sign of desperation when the "Blame the U.S." bogeyman is once again played. That's unbecoming for a great nation like Russia.

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I don't recall hat Russia ever interfered with elections in the USA, so Putin has every right to be angry.

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Foxie, the U.S. didn't interfere with Russia's election. It was Putin's "United Russia" (yeah, right!) party that interfered with the election through election fraud. Clinton's comments came AFTER the election.

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Yea blame the Americans, it is getting old Vladimir chan.

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I don't know what it is, but of all the world's crazy leaders, Putin's my favorite.

The guy has....flair. Nutty as hell, but he's got flair.

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